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Charges for terminals

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WiccawomanWiccawoman Forumite
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How can card terminal companies justify paying a monthly fee for a terminal that is sitting in a lockdown business of absolute no use to any one.  The one we have is not fit for purpose even before lockdown but they were asking for huge cancellation fees.  Now it is of absolute no use and I am still having to pay for the "hire" of it.  They politely asked if I would like to cancel when I asked for a break on the fees and I said yes that would be best as we will probably last in the return to work phasing, now they want £300 cancellation fee.  10 weeks we have had no income but they want paid for an obsolete service. Surely this cannot be right


  • eskbankereskbanker Forumite
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    Depends what you mean by 'right' - you could undoubtedly make some sort of moral argument but ultimately you have a contractual agreement with your supplier with Ts & Cs that govern its conduct, what do they say, both about 'fitness for purpose' and cancellation rights (or breaks)?
  • dr_adidas01dr_adidas01 Forumite
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    You might get a better response by getting this moved to the small business section of MSE. This is nothing to do with credit cards. 
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  • penners324penners324 Forumite
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    Get an iZettle or SumUp card machine. No monthly charge and take 1.75% of payments as their fee.
  • Barney_Rubble_0403Barney_Rubble_0403 Forumite
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    Our Barclaycard costs around £25 a month plus vat just for the machine. You would think the processing fees were high enough to justify not paying a rental charge. It's lying around doing nothing at the moment. 
  • AndyjfletAndyjflet Forumite
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    Wrong section  :(
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    I'll move it
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  • 2bFrank2bFrank Forumite
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    Depends on your contract, however if its costing you a fortune and its not fit for purpose then binning it off would be your best option. £300 cancellation is pretty bad to be honest, however I have seen a lot worse. My wife has a beauty salon and the SumUp 3g is pretty good, its a standalone device and works really well, they take 1.69% fee. I think you can get a printer for it as well, but she does email receipts if the customer wants one.
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