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Sky Contract Expires Tomorrow - No Discount Offered

Hi, I've been a Sky customer for decades. For the past 2 years I gave my 31 days notice then in the week before cancellation takes place I was given a 50% discount. However at the moment in addition to that discount Sky Sports is free due to coronavirus. I called Sky 1 week before my contract expires and asked if they had any offers and the girl on the phone said because Sky Sports is free due to coronavirus, her system isn't letting her check for offers. Two different people told me that.
I called today again and my contract ends tomorrow at which point Sky will be turned off. I asked if they had any offers and was told that his system wouldn't let him check for offers while a cancellation is taking place. 

I also asked if I let my contact expire then could I sign up as a new customer because new customers usually get some kind of discount. He said if you cancel and then sign up within 1 year of cancelling then it's viewed as possibly trying to game the system so you're viewed as an existing customer and you MAY not get a discount.
Any suggestions?
I want to keep the following which I already have:
  • Entertainment Pack, HD and Boxsets
  • Kids Pack
  • Sky Sports Pack & HD
  • Multiscreen x 5. I do NOT want Sky Q even if it saves me money on multiscreens.


  • Neil_Jones
    Neil_Jones Posts: 8,982 Forumite
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    Yeah unfortunately you are not guaranteed a discount of any kind, or even entitled to one per se.  That's a decision by Sky to offer one.  No obligation.
    Sometimes if you check your "My Account" section you may get offered a new deal, or get texted/emailed a new deal, but again no guarantees.

    In the meantime, have a look at NowTV.  It's not "multi-screen" the same way as Sky but you can use it on 6 devices with one login.  Streams through the internet, essentially the poor man's Sky.  £3.99 for kids, £8.99 for Entertainment (includes Boxsets), £3 for HD, Sports £33.99 a month.  £50 a month all in, no contract (but you can buy the Sports pass when sport starts up again, no need to buy now).  Can usually beat this with offers and deals.

    Food for thought.  You could try it for a month if, if you don't like it, just don't buy any more passes.
  • Lambyr
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    Check sky.com/mydeal when your Sky expires. It will probably have some sort of offer available. You can also try checking directly through your box using the Services button, My Account stuff.
    You will probably get approached with an offer of some sort 2-4 weeks after your Sky is switched off (email, post or SMS most likely as I doubt they currently have the staff to do outbound winback calls). 
    As Neil says, you could consider Now TV as a stop-gap. It's not brilliant but you can get all of the Sky content.
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  • [Deleted User]
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    edited 21 May 2020 at 5:18PM
    OP needs to realise that he has "threatened" cancellation twice before only to instead accept a large retention deal. 

    Sky obviously keep records and, since they are under no obligation to offer any deal at all, the OP is wrong to expect  a third year at half price to happen automatically. 

      Numerous posts on here attest to the fact that Sky often (eventually) "call the bluff" of such customers. Sky will only have been as generous as they have so far been because the OP is a very long term customer with five  :open_mouth:  Multi-screens !

    Having said all that, once the cancellation actually takes effect I'm certain new offers to "return" will suddenly become available. 
    I doubt 50% off will be offered again though. 
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