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Water meter v standard water rates

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Water meter v standard water rates

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Anna061082Anna061082 Forumite
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Hello, our monthly water bill is high, we had a water meter installed in 2015 and after recently reviewing our outgoings, we have realised our bills are more now than when on standard water rates. Therefore I contacted seven trent to ask to be changed over to standard water rates and we were told we could not change back. We thought it would be win win changing back to standard water rates as be less on a monthly basis and we would have unlimited use, although it puzzles me with there only being 2 adults in the household to how we would be better off on standard rates. Has any one any guidance on our options. We aren't in financial hardship, simply want to access a cost effective arrangement. Many thanks 


  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    No such thing as standard rates.
    What you call standard varies between property's and is based upon an estimated setting in the 1970s  .
    Swap from (standard RV ) to a meter and you can move back after twelve months not five years .
    I know that the vast majority are better off on a meter . My RV bill for Severn Trent is circa £600 pa  but water meter cost is £300 pa .
  • matelodavematelodave Forumite
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    Try reading your meter a bit more frequently than just waiting for the man to come round. You'll then know how much you use a roughly when you are using it. If you monitor it you can do something about it. It's also worth checking that you dont have any leaks or overflows dripping somewhere

    The average for a two person household is around 110 cu.m a year (just over 2cu/m a week) so go and take a weekly meter reading for several weeks to see how much you are using and then try an do summat about it if it's much more than that. We use about 1.5cu.m a week and we've got an automatic garden watering system, so it shouldn't be ever so hard to make some savings

    If you've got a power or deluge type shower and you use it frequently for long sessions then you can get through vast quantities of water. Our shower flows at around 6 litres a minute, so a five minute shower uses around 30 litres. A twenty minute session with one that uses say 12lpm = 240litres, if each of you do that everyday you'll soon see where all your water goes and why it costs so much.

     Do you let the water run down the sink when washing or rinsing stuff or cleaning your teeth, what about washing up or running off half a gallon or so until the hot water comes through - use the cold tap for rinsing (even your hands) and youll not only save water but energy as well. Same with the dishwasher and washing machine, they use the same amount of energy and water when they are full as when they are half empty so make sure you use them efficiently
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    Average use for a couple is 110 cubic metres(m3) a year. With Severn Trent on 2019/20 rates that would cost £322pa(slightly more if you don't have a soakaway.
    You would need to have had a very low Rateable Value(RV) to pay less today. That RV would typically be for an old small terraced house.
    How much do you pay? and do you know your RV? - it will be on old bills.
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