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Recommendations for teenage acne skin care

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    As he's a teenage boy I wouldn't go for a complicated cleanser.  I would try him on Elemis Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil.  You take 1-2 pumps of the cleaner, massage into face and neck and then rinse off - quick and simple whether using at a sink or in the shower. 
    Its not the cheapest product out there but get it from QVC rather than Elemis and he can try it for 60 days to see if it suits and if not, return it for a refund (less postage).

    I'm not sure a £33 cleanser, which gets washed down the sink almost immediately, and where the first ingredient is sunflower oil, is the "budget" option I think the OP was seeking... The original post, was about cheaper "own brand" alternatives to clearasil pads (£5 - £6 a tub) which they found expensive. Oils also don't suit everyone with spots. 

    *Incidentally, the cleanser is 50p cheaper per bottle from Elemis  directly

    Edit: Cheaper cleansing oils are readily available - this Simple one gets lots of love on another beauty forum I'm on, and is currently half price (£3.45 rather than £6.99 at Superdrug)

  • jackomdjjackomdj Forumite
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    My 15 year old daughter suffers so badly, we have tried so many things.  She showed me the carbon therapy bar , see below but available elsewhere too, I expected it to be something else that didn’t work but it is brilliant.  Her face has improved so much.  She still has a few spots, but they clear quickly and are individual, before her whole chin was constantly red and raised where spots were running into each other.

  • FireflyawayFireflyaway Forumite
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    My 14 year old just started something called Acnecide that you can get from superdrug. It's available in a wash or a cream that you apply and leave on. Seems to be quite effective.
  • BizzywizardBizzywizard Forumite
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    My 13 year old uses Boots own brand blemish stick. It’s called tea tree & witch hazel stick. Think it’s about £2.99. She washes her face first with boots own brand face wash (nit abrasive) then dabs the spots with the stick. It’s the best thing she has tried. It’s clear and easy to carry around in a pocket. Hope this helps.
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    My son has had really bad skin breakouts/acne since last July. Tried a variety of lotions and potions including from the doctor, since mid April he and his sister have started using The Ordinary products and wow what a difference! They both use Niacinamide followed by Hyaluronic Acid and then the Natural Moisurizing Factor. All very reasonably priced at roughly £4 per bottle and they last ages. Worth looking at the reviews for them to see if they would be of any help. I’m waiting for the Salicylic Acid to come back into stock as I think it would also help. 

    My daughter loves how good her skin looks and my son’s face has pretty much all cleared up, it’s just the pink scars left and they are fading now. 

    I do make them use Nivea Face Shine Control factor 50 everyday just to protect their skin as some of products can make your skin more susceptible to sun damage.

    Fingers crossed you find something that works xx
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    I would day that the money-saving option is via the GP and prescription . . .
    It's not difficult!
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    I use green tea. It's probably the healthiest drink there is so I figured why not put some of it on my face whenever I make a cup.

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    Too many young people suffer for years with acne - get to the GP or at least speak to the pharmacist.
    My partner had roaccutane but it isn't for the faint hearted. It is a really harsh drug - he went orange and also had the most awful dried cracked lips - in females you need to be absolutely sure no pregnancy is likely to happen as it can damage the unborn child! 

    Hence I would see if a topical wash/treatment could be prescribed first.

    I am really into natural remedies and things like tea tree, witch hazel etc are great but if it is proper acne a more medical approach is often needed.
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