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Calor Gas ignore me....

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keithy397keithy397 Forumite
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Hi.  I moved into my bungalow 4 years ago and recently I had a feeling my bills were getting higher and higher with Calor Gas.  When I sent 2 emails and 2 web messages to enquire if there could be a reason for this, I was ignored on all 4 counts.  6 weeks from my initial email I decided to phone them again.  (The first time I called I was fed a load of old rubbish and the adviser had an answer for everything, none of which were helpful and some of which were just lies).  Once again, they made me feel like it was all my fault.  When I complained on their Facebook page I actually got to speak to a customer services adviser (via email), who's information was to go and sniff around the meter for gas leakage plus basically more of the same.  I decided I would not pay the quarterly bill until they took me seriously but they just sent me 2 red letters threatening to cut me off, so I paid because I am a disabled pensioner (who SP classify me as at risk in the event of loss of power) who can't do without hot water or heating.  I have always paid on time and consider myself the perfect customer having not bothered them with any previous problems and money was not the problem for not making the last payment on time, as I explained previously.  I live alone and haven't touched any of the settings for hot water and heating so I can't understand why the bills keep going up.
The thing is, I can't change suppliers because the whole cul-de-sac apparently signed up for their supply with Calor Gas previous to me moving in.  I spoke with Br Gas and they said they couldn't take over so it seems I am stuck with a supplier who treat me like an old idiot.  I am angry at them for the way they have treated me and was wondering if there is anything else I could do?
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  • Mister_GMister_G Forumite
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    It sounds like you are on a "Metered Estate".  If so, then whoever manages the estate (Housing Association, Management Company?) has done a deal with Calor for a bulk supply.  This will likely be on a two year contract.  This will be renegotiable, but whether whoever manages it will want to shop around or just renew is unknown. 

    You need to be talking to whoever does this negotiation.  There may be other suppliers willing to quote, which could be used as a lever on the Calor price.
  • greatcrestedgreatcrested Forumite
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    "bills getting higher and higher" really does not tell us (or you) much.
    Over 4 years, yes, the cost of energy (gas, electric, oil (till recently!) has gone up. It may just be that.
    Or perhaps you are using more?
    * Have you compared your usage in the last year with your usage in the 1st year you moved in.
    * have you compared the unit cost?
    * are your bills based on actual meter readings or estimates?
    Once you have a proper understanding of this, you are then in a better position to raise queries.
    As Mister_G says, the next step is to understand exactly who your contract is with and how it is managed. "the whole cul-de-sac apparently signed up for their supply" suggests it's not a direct contract between you and CG, but between "the whole cul-de-sac" and CG, in some way. You need to understand how this works.
    You may be unable todoanything in the short term, but if, as Mister_G suggests, there is a re-negotiation of that contract periodically, you need to be provoding your input to that.

    If I include a blue link in my post, click and read it before posting a follow-up question. The answer may be in the link.

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