At our wits doors dryer

Hi All,
Not sure where to post this so placed it here.  
Our new neighbours tumble dryer is driving us insane (2 adults and a 3 year old).  We're in an old victorian terrace with very thin walls.  They have installed the dryer against the party wall where our bedroom sits and its on for 9-12 hours a day.  Theres a constant low rumble that gets in to our brains.  Theres nowhere in the house we can get away from it.  We even had to put padding on the back of all our pictures on the party wall as they started vibrating.  
Add to that, my wife is shielding through the covid-19 outbreak and we are stuck in the house for 24 hours a day.  
We've spoken to them about it nicely more than a few times and explained the situation, especially when its been on past 11pm.  They said that they have another dryer that they can use.....They've never use their other dryer.  I'm not annoyed that they use their dryer, I'm annoyed that they have another dryer that would end our misery but still dont use it.  
We can hear it over the TV, over the stereo, when we're eating, when we're trying to sleep, when we're working...all...the...time.  
We've now both bought noise cancelling headphones and wear those all day while were working.  
I'll be honest, I'm ready to kill.  

Just before corona kicked off we had the house on the market and feedback from two viewings was that they could never live next to the noise from next door.  
Not sure what I'm saying or asking really...Just feel utterly trapped and quite depressed with it all.  



  • theoretica
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    Offer to pay for antivibration pads to go below and behind it? 
    But a banker, engaged at enormous expense,
    Had the whole of their cash in his care.
    Lewis Carroll
  • Already done...unfortunately made zero difference.  

  • Silvertabby
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    Are they running a laundry business?  No way 2 adults and a child would generate that amount of washing.  And their electricity bill must be huge....

  • newlywed
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    I feel for you. The sound of the tumble dryer bugs me and you are continually waiting for the two second pause whilst it changes direction.

    The upstairs flat had one in their bedroom (directly above our bedroom) but there was a casual friendly chat about noise and they said it was already on anti vibration pads as they were worried.  Instead they stopped using it after about 11pm without us asking (but rarely used it anyway to be fair).

    sorry not sure what you can do but I wanted to offer sympathy.
    working on clearing the clutterDo I want the stuff or the space?
  • anyusernamenottaken
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    edited 21 April 2020 at 9:19PM
    @Silvertabby its insane right? They do 3 to 4 washes per day every day.  How do 3 people generate that much washing?  We're just two people and never do more than 3 a week! 

    @newlywed thanks 👍 its not just that 2 second break, it's once it's finished and it does a 5 second tumble every 10 minutes until someone opens the door. 

  • BAFE
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    That's not a tumble dryer that's something to do with growing/farming/drying out cannabis.

    Ring your local environmental health officer or noise abatement officer and report it.  DO NOT say you can hear a tumble dryer going 12 hours a day or they won't want to know.   Say that you can hear a low mechanical rumbling for 12 hours a day.
  • I did wonder about this...they are massive pot heads.  
  • 74jax
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    I know we are in the middle of a lockdown but any development?

    Been following this post and dying to know what the actual noise is. 
    Forty and fabulous, well that's what my cards say....
  • We're pretty sure it is a regular, albeit extremely noisy dryer.  We heard the final spin of the washing machine shortly followed by the 3 hour rumble of the cement mixer, I mean dryer.  

    They've done 3 washes/drys a day every day since Saturday.  

    I've done the maths and that's over  fiver a day in electricity.  


    They must be OCD or something right?
  • Definite definitely drying cannabis, ring the police 
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