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Divorce - Step by Step

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Sienna2017Sienna2017 Forumite
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I'm looking to issue a petition for divorce.
We have only briefly discussed division of assets and not agreed anything as yet. If we cannot come to an agreement, shall I still go ahead and petition for a divorce and go into the decree nisi stage? I've heard, that if it proceeds to decree absolute, then I may lose a right to some of his assets as I'm no longer his spouse.
I first found the incident 20/02/2020, so it's almost 2 months on and I'm keen to get things going but don't want to miss a trick.


  • Martin_the_UnjustMartin_the_Unjust Forumite
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    Step 1, go see a solicitor, preferably one that someone has personally recommended to you.

    Step 2, follow your solicitors advice (only a fool hires an expert and then ignores there advice)
  • pphillipspphillips Forumite
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    Can you issue the divorce petition even though you have not agreed division of assets? Yes
    Is it proceeds to decree absolute will I lose a right to some of his assets? No, but it is advisable for practical reasons to get the financial agreement in place before decree absolute. It is a remarriage that creates an absolute bar on capital claims.
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