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Change Tariff? Ebico.

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MatiMati Forumite
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I wonder if someone would be so kind as to help me decide.
Gas: Ebico Prime 24 Fixed V5 projected for year £210     6.219 Kw no SC
New Tariff Prime 24 Fixed V5   projected for year £170.89     2.415 Kw SC 25.18 per day fixed till April 22 2022

I think I will actually use less than £210 in the year as I use so little over the summer 6 months. Have used £170 from Sept to March. And then there is the possibility of gas prices going down as I will be in a fix which I am not atm. Thanks.


  • Gerry1Gerry1 Forumite
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    Unfortunately this should have been posted in 'Energy' rather than 'Other Fuels', which isn't so widely read.  With so little information provided, there's not much that can be said.
    Ignore all projections, claimed savings and DD amounts, just compare the annual cost based on actual meter readings 12 months apart.  Comparison sites should tell you this, but it's easy enough to do the sums yourself.  Make sure you're comparing the whole of the market (note that the CEC doesn't do this) and don't forget VAT; start with Citizens Advice and 'Switch with Which'?.
  • greatcrestedgreatcrested Forumite
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    If I include a blue link in my post, click and read it before posting a follow-up question. The answer may be in the link.

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