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Water meter reading high leak ?

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Water meter reading high leak ?

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meat_n2_regmeat_n2_reg Forumite
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Had our water meter fitted in July 2019 as only 2 in the house now  , saved a fortune , in the first 6 months used 33 units ( this was last meter read)
Read meter yesterday and meter was saying 84 units , so in last 3 months has used 51 units !!!
I could see the external meter was turning the far right digit even with nothing on in the house
So turned off internal stop tap and in 1 hour it went from 84 395 to 84 499 so approx went up 100
Just checked this morning and now reading 85 900 so have used approx 1.5 m3 in 12 hours , thats a lot of water
Have reported to water company who is coming tomorrow
The water meter hole (in pavement) is about 10 inch full of water , but from what Ive read its normal for meter hole to have water in ?
Praying that the fault is with meter and not in supply pipe in my driveway ....
Any thoughts / help appreciated

Many thanks Steve


  • matelodavematelodave Forumite
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    Sounds like a leak - we had something similar several years ago and it was a split pipe right next to the edge of the driveway - the insurance company covered the cost although I had to pay the excess - £100 I think. The guy who came to sort it out did an amazing job without actually disturbing any of the block paved driveway.

    It's possible that you could get yours sorted out by the water company, some will do a repair for free and some wont. Make sure you keep records of your consumption as some companies will credit your account for an estimated water loss. We got around 50cu.m credit from Anglian Water. It's a good idea to read the meter more often than once every six months or annually so you can spot problems early.
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  • meat_n2_regmeat_n2_reg Forumite
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    Severn trent came out , emptied the water out of meter hole and soon filled back up so a leak
    Now waiting for the dig team to come to site to see if the fault is on my or water suppliers side , eta another 1 to 2 weeks :(
    If need to dig up drive for new water pipe will bite the bullet and get drive re-done as needs doing
    Recon from usage figures leaking 2.5 units a day so think given our normal usage would be approx 50 units now , then leak has been leaking for approx 2 weeks un-noticed
    Fingers crossed its not on my side , checked home insurance and its not covered

  • meat_n2_regmeat_n2_reg Forumite
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    Severn Trent spent 2 days digging , turns out leak is on my side of property :(
    Good news have checked with home insurance and is covered with just a £100 XS
    Cheers Steve

  • RobM99RobM99 Forumite
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    I was in a similar position, the leak was on their side though. Apparently I'd used enough water to fill 11 Olympic swimming pools!  When I rang the water co., they asked if I'd just bought a dish washer. Hmm..that's a of of dishes!
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