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Can a travel company still keep taking payments, for a now cancelled May holiday due to covid 19 travel advice?


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    Has it actually been cancelled, or are you assuming it will be?

    Best to keep making payments in the absence of information.  Failure to do so will probably be construed as you deciding to cancel, which will mean forfeiting some or all of what you've paid to date.
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    Who has cancelled the holiday? Yourself or the tour operator? If you have cancelled, what were the terms and conditions of booking - are you still liable for an amount related to how close to the departure date you have cancelled? If so, it is your insurance company you will need to turn to, rather than the tour operator (and don't consider not paying your balance due, as that will potentially end up in debt recovery proceedings).
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    What if I haven’t paid for the holiday in full yet?
    If you’re still paying for a package holiday, it might seem counter-intuitive to continue paying off the balance, especially if you’re due to travel in the next few months. But unless you’re willing to lose the deposit – you should continue to pay your holiday instalments. Otherwise, you’ll lose what you have paid and forfeit protection under the package holiday protection scheme. This is important because it’s what will protect your money should your holiday provider go bust between now and your travel date.
    We recommend paying the full balance, but not until after 16 April, as the FCO advice will have been updated by then and the situation may be clearer. There is a chance, however, that if the holiday does end up being cancelled, the provider may only offer travel vouchers, even though they’re currently required to offer a full refund.
    Should you cancel? No. If you do you’ll lose your deposit and any instalments you’ve already paid. Continue paying for now.
    If the holiday is later cancelled, or your provider goes bust, you’ll receive a full refund (although if it’s cancelled there is a risk you’ll be given travel vouchers rather than a refund).

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