UK Companies that have announced dividend cuts in 2020 (so far)



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    DiggerUK said:
    It seems that cash is king for whoever holds it. With dividends being withdrawn from payment however, it makes the investors peasants, and the company a tyrant.
    I don't see investors taking this quietly. It also shows how much borrowings are being rejected in favour of management turning 'Sheriff of Nottingham' to raise liquidity. 

    One question I can't answer is how is this being done without agreement at AGM's? Am I right in thinking we have some people who "think its all over" when it hasn't even begun.?

    Pension companies and those relying on these payments for their personal pensions, must be panicking about what happens to pensions payments if dividends are not handed over..._
    Any decent retirement plan should be able to deal with a reduction in share price and reduction of company dividends for an extended period. A balance between dividends and growth, property and infrastructure income, cash, bonds and maybe some gold should remove most of the risks. Or simply use some of the well known all weather investment trusts to do it for you.
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    One of the foundations that capitalism rests on is profit. The reason anybody owns shares it  is to collect a part of that profit. Now we have that world turned upside down.

    I realise that companies don't take profits and put them in a deposit account before finally paying them out, but use them for cash flow until the time comes to pay out.

    Now  with income falling, and likely to go down further, are they having to stop dividends because they can't borrow the money to pay out the dividends!!!???
    Who, or what is going mad here, me, or the system that pays the pension funds..._
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