Should I keep paying on DD for my Children's School trips?

My son is in year 6 and I have two £50 payments left on the direct debit that was set up with his school in January. The trip is for the first week in June in Wales. However, due to Coronavirus I suspect they won't be going (in the 12 week window). Yet when my friend asked at the school about a refund, they said 'they did not know'. Clearly I would prefer to keep the money in the bank and not pay them as if they did pay over all the money, it would be gone, if the place/s went bust. school would then be liable...but suspect they would not pay. And he won't be at the school, so cannot transfer it to the following year.
Then my daughter in secondary school and has an exchange trip next year (Spanish person may come in October 2020 first), but the school want another £350 by May....the school have said if the trip does not go ahead we will get a full refund (nothing in writing). But again do not want to pay if she won't go and feel we should all be holding onto money at the money, including the schools (and not paying over deposits). I am happy to pay at a later date.
Is anybody else going through this at the moment? I have two more days until both payments are due, what do I do!



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    I certainly wouldn't pay for the trip to Wales, it seems very unlikely any school will open again before the end of the Summer term. The trip to Spain is a different matter, I would ask the school what form of financial protection is in place if either the organiser goes bust, and some will in the current environment, or if the trip has to be cancelled.
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    Thanks Alan,
    My sons primary school have texted today to say a full refund is on its way, as yes the trip has been cancelled. So I am pleased they have contacted everyone before payday.
    I cannot get through to the secondary school, but will email in a bit. I am happy to pay. if I know if it doesn't go ahead I will get a full refund, if it doesn't go ahead. Just wish they would delay the payment until September for everyone as no one will be booking school trips now.
    Thank you for your rely! x
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