Not going to use up childcare vouchers

I'd carefully calculated what I needed in terms of childcare vouchers to see me to the school summer break.  Now my child who still used breakfast/after school club is not at school because it is closed due to covid-19.  Even if they go back this academic year there is no way I will use all those vouchers I'd saved up.  In September, he starts a new school where there is no breakfast club and he will be walking home with his sibling after school, as has always been the plan.

I contacted my employer and asked if I could have my vouchers refunded to me and I have just had a flat NO.  I have hundreds and hundreds of pounds in the account and no way of using them.  We do use holiday clubs locally but none of them accept childcare vouchers.

Do I have any rights?  My husband has just been moved to a zero hours contract and taken a pay cut due to covid-19 and so that money will make a big difference to us.  It seems unfair, I didn't foresee such exceptional circumstances I even had a spreadsheet to work out what I needed in terms of vouchers!!!


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