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Greenhouse gutter ID?

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As the long wet winter from hell turns into the breakdown of civilisation as we know it, our thoughts have turned to self-sufficiency...

Yes, OK, maybe I'm exaggerating slightly, but we've been thinking about the greenhouse anyway.  No idea who manufactured it originally, but it's been in place for decades rather than years. It's the usual bolted-together ally extrusions, and the gutters are part of it. Ours is a double-length, and there's a 75mm gap between the two halves, which has led to water running down and eroding away the breezeblock base. So... we need to do something better than the bit of mildly bent tin that's there now.

But I can't figure out what to order. Nothing seems to look quite like what we've got. Anybody able to shed light? Ideally, we'd like to order four ends, two joiners, and some kind of a downpipe kit for each side. And staging. And... and... and...



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