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Mc Donalds complaint

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evansgroupevansgroup Forumite
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Consumer issues.

Are you sick of recieving over priced - poor quality food or small portions of chips from Mc Donalds ?

 The Big Mac has already decreased significantly in size over the years but the price has still gone up and up ( over £3 currently)  and if people don't complain then the sizes will continue to decrease and the poor quality slapped together food won't improve, below are pictures of a so called "BIG MAC" I was served in oxford

The patties were no thicker than a pound coin and only covered half the bun... This is starting to be a trend that the chain must accept as when I emailed my complaint with extensive picture to Paul Pomroy (Ceo of Mc Donalds Uk) the email was redirected to customer services.. they in turn sent me  a voucher for £5 by way of an apology not even enough to cover the cost of the order. I felt insulted !!

I urge everyone to share their poor quality embarrassments and complain  in the hope that Mc Donalds head office takes notice and improves. 

This way we can all benifit in the end !! 

A far cry from the advertised pucture 🤨



  • evansgroupevansgroup Forumite
    6 posts
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    MoneySaving Newbie
    Please thank off you agree with this complaint

    Thank you.
  • Aylesbury_DuckAylesbury_Duck Forumite
    7.1K posts
    Seventh Anniversary 1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    How much are you after?  
  • Martin_the_UnjustMartin_the_Unjust Forumite
    177 posts
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    Well bless me, I never realised that people had to buy stuff from McDonalds.

    i honestly thought people purchased from there voluntarily, I never could understand why though.
  • evansgroupevansgroup Forumite
    6 posts
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    MoneySaving Newbie
    I purchased this on the way down to the motorway... I pulled over in the layby to eat it so couldn't Return to the site.
    The meal was Not of a suitable standard so they should have at least covered the receipt price I sent them of £9.
    The point being made its the size of the patties and the meal that awaits you in the box looking slapped in and nothing like the the 
    Big Mac from the advertised picture... Not everyone will agree with complaining and some are happy to accept what they are given...and that's ok. 
    But pictures don't lie and I believe if you pay for something you should recieved what you ordered and taking the time to bring it to the attention of customer services should've been enough for them to refund the purchase price at the very least.
  • pinkshoespinkshoes Forumite
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    I was about to say why on earth did you go to Maccy Ds on Oxford high street when there is a perfectly good KFC just 20 metres away!!

    so you are talking about the service station McDonalds near the M40? If so, that one has always been shocking, although not as bad as the KFC there!! 

    Should've = Should HAVE (not 'of')
    Would've = Would HAVE (not 'of')

    No, I am not perfect, but yes I do judge people on their use of basic English language. If you didn't know the above, then learn it! (If English is your second language, then you are forgiven!)
  • evansgroupevansgroup Forumite
    6 posts
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    MoneySaving Newbie
    Excellent film (link) Richard 😂.... Can't help but feel standards would improve if all people acted like that. 👍
  • neilmclneilmcl Forumite
    15.3K posts
    Tenth Anniversary 10,000 Posts Name Dropper
    Agree, this should be in Praise, Vents and Warnings but one observation I'd make is that are you sure you just didn't get a standard Big Mac patty in a Grand Big Mac bun? Those buns look a tad larger than the standard Big Mac bun.
  • brisbris Forumite
    9.2K posts
    Ninth Anniversary 1,000 Posts
    You go to a cheap junk food restaurant but you want prime cuts of beef? You need to lower your expectations or pay the proper price elsewhere for what you want. 
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