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I am a mother of 1. I currently live with family and I claim benefits, I am also working part time. I don’t drive however I’m learning to and doing my theory soon. I save money each month and I try to spend well, I always ask myself “do I or my daughter NEED this?” I only buy things if necessary. For example, I have shoes that are annoying to wear for the gym as laces always come undone, but I’m not going to buy a new pair as I don’t NEED them.
I pay rent. In my situation, I am getting by and I wouldn’t consider myself as “skint” I have enough money to spend on my daughter, necessities, and myself with some left over money of the month. However, I’m worried about when I move out.. that’s why I’m saving so much but I’m still stressing. All the extra wages at the moment because I’m only training it’s basically a large chunk of my bus fairs. I think the only option is to do more hours and days of work! Any advice on saving methods and benefits I may be entitled to will be good, I’ll have a word the the Job centre aswell :) 


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    I know this may sound like a really silly thing, but it's possible just changing the laces would help: if they're currently round, go for flat, and vice versa. You do a double knot don't you? 

    How old's your daughter? What help do you have with childcare? Yes, working more hours and days can be the answer, but not necessarily terribly financially worthwhile in the early days - but over time it becomes better, and it may not get better if you don't put the hours in at an early stage. 
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    How old is your daughter cos low income or rose struggling families get help with school uniform and school essentials etc. My kids all get Pupil Premium which gives the school an amount of money for that child per year and the school decides how to spend it. My oldest kids get uniforms paid for and school trips either fully or part paid for. My 5 year old got 2 items of free uniform in September. If she’s younger there’s other help. Salvation Army have a toddler bank every week look online for your local one. Free nappies and clothes and toys etc. Even appliances and buggies if they have any. Usually you get put on a list then offered things in order of need. 
    Food banks are fab don’t be embarrassed. I’ve used them a few times when short of money or benefits haven’t been paid on time. Go to your nearest CAB or children’s centre who can give you a voucher for the food bank. 
    There’s Facebook groups that offer free items in your area. I’ve got a few things on there I’m so grateful for. Even a Quinny pram in very good condition. You can claim for help with rent arrears or rent deposit plus first month rent from council called a Discretionary Housing Payment. I got it to pay deposit and months rent on my new home otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to get the house. Agents cost a fortune but there are council services to help. 
    You might be entitled to help to buy household appliances and help with topping up prepayment meters for gas and electric. Apply for the warm home discount and look on your suppliers website for extra help on low income. 
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