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looking at new bulk LPG supply contract, some questions

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looking at new bulk LPG supply contract, some questions

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I've got a bulk LPG tank currently supplied by Flogas, out of contract.  I'm unhappy with Flogas reliability, communication, and price, and am looking to switch.  I have a quote from lpgcompare and a quote from CamGas (Aberystwyth) which is local to me, and have requested a quote from WoldLink.  CamGas quote is 41ppl + £40pa, lpgcompare is 31ppl + £66pa.  CamGas is fixed 2 year, lpgcompare is fixed for first year and then market rate with 3ppl cap per 6 months for rise in operational costs.  Both quotes are a huge improvement over Flogas current charges.
Questions I'm pondering are:

1) I don't know who the lpgcompare quote is from, and would not be happy if I agreed and then it turned out to be Flogas, not sure what my options are about that.

2) I'm in a very rural spot with tricky access only suitable for a small tanker, and expect CamGas will be prepared for that as they are local, but not sure whether all others will be equally prepared.  The difference in the two quotes might be worth it to me if it got me good reliability and communication.

3) Flogas replaced my bulk tank about three years ago, saying it was a required upgrade for safety standards.  I'm a bit paranoid about the tank inspection for a new supplier.  If there is something not to code about the position of the tank can Flogas be held responsible?

Many thanks for any advice and/or explanations, I'm new to this.


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