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What use smart meters? (EDF)

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Following a move to a new tariff (via MSE since EDF didn't offer it) I was on course for 15% savings. However, my DD didn't change so I had a bizarre hour of chat today ...

1) DD wouldn't be changed until the next bill which I found would not be until next Jan (2 months before end of contract!)
2) To change it, I needed to request a bill but I then found that the "smartmeter" had stopped reading (they claimed it needed "recommissioning every 3 months but they don't spot they're not reading it) so had to give a manual reading. They said they would initiate a recommission.
3) That didn't reduce the DD ! So I was asked to suggest my own which I did and it was done. However, the only way to have it adjusted would be to contact EDF for another bill!
4) They suggested I track usage and request a new bill/DD but, even with the smartmeter back running, I can only actually plot costs by having a bill issued! There is no way of requesting more frequent bills.
5) I was then told the purpose of a smartmeter had not been properly explained to me. They are sending me this and it will be interesting to see.
6) So, as far as EDF are concerned, smartmeters may be smart but their back-end systems certainly aren't. Given the savings, I'll stick with them for this year but it'll require me to spend effort each month to keep billing on track.
7) Are other suppliers really any better? Do any allow you to track actual energy costs on a daily/weekly basis without manual intervention? Do any provide regular billing?




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