Possible Internet Dating Scams?

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Firstly, I am not a dad but this seemed to be the only forum that comes near to what I want to message about.
I am single and have tried a new dating site recently called GingerLove.co.uk
The women aren't all ginger on it (which is a shame as I LOVE gingers, lol!) but two women I have started talking to on the site, they both say they want to meet me as soon as possible. Already sounds like they're a bit desperate for whatever reason and alarm bells are already starting to ring a little.

One is in the USA and talking some stuff which I don't know whether to believe that she's been given this contract work she can do in the UK but she's telling me her employment team needs to be able to transfer some funds into her bank account as an upfront payment for her forthcoming work in the UK but she needs to have a UK bank account which she hasn't got as she is a US resident.
So she wants me to send her a photo of my credit card both front and back views and even the login password for the website linked to the card. She assures me she's not conning me but this sounds as dodgy as hell if I am giving her my full details of the card, the long number, name on the card, expiry date, CVC code and website and login password for the website so I have so far made some excuses and said I will give her the information in a couple of days when I've got the information she wants together. In my opinion, there's way more chance that (a large amount of) cash will be taken from my credit card, not cash added to it, especially considering I was also asked as to what the credit limit was of the card.

Another girl who lives in France who after only a few times of chatting has already (she claims) visited a travel agency and passport office to sort out some sort of visa for her to stay with me in the UK for an extended or permanent basis as well as sorting out a reserved ticket for a flight to the UK. My best airport for her to travel to is Manchester and despite me telling her that, she provisionally booked to fly from Lyon to Southampton but when I said I don't live near there and told her which airport she should use, she said she would be able to change the arrival airport without any extra fee for changing the booking. She said though at first she would need 200 Euros for the visa, 160 Euros for the passport and at first she claimed the plane ticket would be 1188 Euros! I thought and asked "Are you wanting to fly First Class"? And she admitted yes and I explained it's not worth getting a first class plane ticket from France to the UK as she'd only be in the air for just over an hour so so far I've managed to talk her to change the seat to Economy and to fly to Manchester instead as she can get a direct ticket that way and would be even cheaper of maybe only 70 Euros and not 17 times that amount! But I've not sent her any money so far either.

I've not done video chatting with the American one (if she is American) and I have seen the French one live on Skype but not heard her voice (she claims her microphone doesn't work).

I just don't know if either of them are telling the truth. I want to believe one of them or both of them but I have been conned out of about £1300 by somebody on a dating site once before by a similar story as the American one and I am reluctant to believe anyone on any dating site just about these days if they start discussing anything about money with me. One warning sign seems to me that if they start calling me dear then they are usually in Africa.

What would you do?
What should I do?
If there is anyone who've experienced anything similar to me then I hope you don't mind sharing your story and as to whether you think these women are being truthful to me or whether I should avoid them like the plague and block them and never chat with them ever again.
I look forward to hearing from some of you soon with any good advice you can give me.


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     Block both of them now! 
     Why would someone need photos of the back of your card to pay money into your account? 
     For now french people don't need visas to enter or stay in the U.K.
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    If you need to ask what you should do in both those circumstances, you should take yourself off dating sites until you can spot a con artist yourself.

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    What should you do? Run!! There is no way either of these are genuine and going to give you a happy ever after
    ^^^^^^^ This.
    I'm not sure why you'd even need to ask about this. . . it's just so obviously people trying to con you!
    As another poster said, maybe you'd better rethink your dating site activity until you can develop a more discerning filter!
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    This has already been posted on digital spy
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    Why dont u visit them instead,call them and say im at the airport pick me up please.Dirty weekend for you.
    Of course there all in India not USA,
  • Scam. Run away.

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    I remember helping a male friend set up social media profiles and few days later seemed really excited as he'd had a few messages from women and he thought he'd gotten lucky. One gave some quaint story about being american and working in some country or other and being stuck there and needing money to get home. Another gave a story about needing money to come see him. A third gave a story about a sick grandmother who needed an expensive operation. There were others. Not one of them was genuine. 

    Of course, people are predisposed to their own "truth". So when she tells you her "employment company" have set up a US resident for a contract of employment in the UK but are requiring a UK bank account, you are empathetic because you want to believe her. While I (having no vested interest in it being true or not) see it for the blatant lie it is. 
    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means - Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride
  • I find it difficult to understand why you aren't immediately spotting both of these as scams.  Be careful.  Anyone who lives in another country and after very few hours conversation is supposedly getting visas, booking tickets etc is not thinking straight at the very least.  Then demanding you pay for all this.., no.., not a red flag, more of a red 200m high and thick brick wall.  Avoid.., please.
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