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Changing bottle gas cooker hob to electric hob

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Changing bottle gas cooker hob to electric hob

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After viewing a property to buy one of our concerns is that the cooker is electric but the hob runs on gas bottles, we would much prefer to have an electric hob installed, can anyone advise if this is an expense change and how easy is this to be done (would we need a professional)


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    You will need an electrician to install a new cooker circuit, if you don't already have one. That may trigger a consumer unit change as all new circuits need RCD protection, if your existing consumer unit doesn't have a suitable RCD. 
     Many ovens can run on a 13 amp socket, but a hob cannot. 
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     Many ovens can run on a 13 amp socket, but a hob cannot. 
    Many induction hobs are supplies with a 13A plug (3kW max load overall, even though the 4 'rings' add up to a lot more).  The current drawn is limited via the clever electronics to share pulses of power into all the in use rings, so things take longer to heat up/boil/cook but they still do work.

    My son has one like that and it doesn't especially limit his cooking ability. 

    Induction hobs need suitable pots and pans, of course (magnetic bases).

    Even our larger induction unit rated at 7.8kW can be limited electronically to lower wattages - down to the same 13A/3kW level.

    So anything is possible.  But we don't know if the OP's d-i-y skills are up to self-installing such an induction hob.  Nor do we know if there's suitable power sources in the kitchen of the house under consideration.
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