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My family and I had our flight from Munich to Dublin cancelled on Sat 8th Feb. Lufthansa said it was cancelled due to weather conditions in Dublin (only 4 out of 250 flights due to land in Dublin that day where cancelled, 3 of the 4 where Lufthansa). Lufthansa arranged for us to fly to Heathrow and get a connecting flight with BA the next morning, this flight was also cancelled because of bad weather (the weather conditions where bad on Sunday 9th in London and Dublin so I have no issue with this flight being cancelled). We eventually got home 2 days late. Lufthansa have said we are not entitled to compensation because the flight was cancelled due to circumstances beyond their control i.e. - the weather, I don't believe our flight was cancelled because of weather rather it was just as an excuse. I know that if a flight is cancelled because of weather we are not entitled to compensation but surely the airline can't just say this and that be it, who actually decides on this.

Am I entitled to compensation or am I wasting my time.



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    Firstly, I assume you live in Eire so I am not sure if any UK solicitors will take your case for the Munich to Dublin flight, but put your cancelled flight details into euclaim and bottonline and see what they say. Did Lufthansa put you up in a hotel and pay for your food when at Heathrow for your first evening?. Just check also your flight details of the cancelled Heathrow to Dublin flight. If you were there for a 2nd night BA should have put you up in a hotel and paid for your food. If you are due compensation for the cancellation a UK company would take your case. Have you filled in the compensation form on the Lufthansa website?  
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