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Business Water Bill Issue with South Staffs Water

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Business Water Bill Issue with South Staffs Water

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We have a business in the South Staffs Water area, and are billed for water and sewerage on a 6 mthly basis, paying by Direct Debit. Worked well for years, I get a bill through that outlines my usage, and very clearly underneath the amount, it says 
"You don't need to do anything as you are paying by Direct Debit. We will continue to take the agreed payment each month until further notice" 
Therefore, I hardly look at the amounts etc, and pop it into a file for the accountant. 
Yesterday I received a red letter saying the water supply would be disconnected. 
Contacting SSW, I've established that in January 2019, my Direct Debit stopped going out. Looking at my bank account statements, and chatting to my bank, I have not stopped the payment. So SSW has failed to collect it for some reason. They currently are unable to tell me why. 
So, for one year I've not paid for water, and the bill has grown to some £2,000 now. I've not received a single letter from SSW, apart from the last bill which clearly shows the same "You don't need to do anything".
They have asked me to clear the debt in at least one, or maybe two payments immediately, with no other options available. 
Based on the above facts, I wonder what any of the people on this forum with experience of SSW Credit Management Team consider my options are? 
Thanks in Advance


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