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Decrease in water charges.

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Decrease in water charges.

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7torIwe77torIwe7 Forumite
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Having seen Martins post re water charges dropping on average by 4% from 1st April, I checked my water bill from last year against the one just received for this year. The charge for fresh water has gone UP by about 5.5% and the charge for waste/surface water drainage has decreased by about 5%. HOWEVER Severn Trent has now introduced a totally new charge called a Fixed Charge of £5 for fresh water & another Fixed Charge of £5 for Highway drainage charge. So thats an extra £10 that we've never had to pay before. Talk about giving with one hand & taking away with the other!


  • JoannaAnnaJoannaAnna Forumite
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    Martin (and the Water UK announcement) did say that the average water bill would decrease, but that some bills could increase a bit. Fixed charges are a staple of water bills. I'd be surprised if Severn Trent have never charged you for highways drainage before  - they've recently changed how they display fixed charges and have broken it down a bit more. You've probably always paid this charge but didn't have it displayed in this much detail on your bill before .
  • freeshafreesha Forumite
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    STW have always charged for Highway Drainage. It's just never been itemised before in the bill - they are now required to do so by OFWAT, so it's now showing as a separate charge.
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