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How to replace kitchen?

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Apologies for a simple question. I am looking to replace a small L shaped kitchen. I notice websites like Magnet and Wren give you the option to purchase a set number of cabinets. However due to the particular awkward sizes of certain space, the cabinets would need to be custom made - not all of them.For example, the space next to the cooker needs to smaller than typical due to the space needed for a fridge if that makes sense. 
 I would also be looking to get new integrated washing machine, fridge and tumble dryer (currently not integrated so measurements currently are slightly off). I feel way out my depth knowing how to go about this. I am assuming that many houses don't fit the 'standard' cabinet sizes but I don't know whether to just go to a kitchen showroom. Do kitchen companies deal with the whole project? How does it work? 
Thanks in advance. 


  • Robin9Robin9
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    Depends really what odd spaces you are left  with -  we have a couple and have put open shelves in one (about 450mm wide) and another about 150mm for tea towels. Everything else is standard.
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  • gwynlasgwynlas
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    Companies use a set nuber of cabinets so you can do comparisons.
    You need to decide if you want to keep the same layout and then take measurements of length and width, placement of water source electrical points etc and plan design. Many companies will do this for you using theit cabinets, 
    Then you decide how much you wish yo spend and look for comparables.
    Often the larger companies charge as much for fitting as they do for supply but contract work out too local fitters.
    Check out local tradespeople and get a number of quotes before commencing any work. Moving of any services will cost extra as will plastering and tiling.
    Read through this forum and come back with any questions. Odd spaces can be blanked off with fillers or a good fitter can adapt pieces to fit.
  • cranfordcranford
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    If you have to have custom made units then obviously these will be more expensive than standard sizes. Most suppliers have sizes from 15cm to 120cm in width  with increments of 5cm up to 500cm then every 10cm to 100cm. You can get quotes from companies to supply and fit including such things as moving plumbing, electrics and gas and doing finishing such as tiling but expect to pay rather a lot if you need all of these services. You could also find a local kitchen fitter and either supply the kitchen yourself or get them  to supply and fit. To give you an idea of price take a look at and see if you can plan your own kitchen. They have a planning tool and their prices are very competitive. There are other supply only companies online but I have used them and my kitchen is as good as new 10 years on.  if you can do this and come up with a price I suggest that  as a rough estimate for somebody to remove your old and fit it could cost you the same again as the price of the kitchen
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    You don't go online to Magnet/Wren and order it yourself. Go to see them and their designers will design the kitchen for you. You can get an idea of price from those 'packages'.

    I would avoid Wren though - just look at their reviews and the 'Wren nightmares' Facebook groups. My mum bought a Wren kitchen and it took them almost a year to finish it!

    Get a few different companies to design/quote and HAGGLE! If you're going to a national company, the first price WILL be exorbitant. Mum got her kitchen for about half the price Wren started out (though wished she'd spent a bit more with someone else after the experience she had). 

    Appliances - get quotes for the company to supply and fit them, but check prices online and if you can save significant sums then say you'll supply the appliances yourself but want them to fit them.
  • FreeBearFreeBear
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    pinkteapot said: You don't go online to Magnet/Wren and order it yourself. Go to see them and their designers will design the kitchen for you. You can get an idea of price from those 'packages'.
    Some of these so called "designers" just plonk units in with little regard to practicalities. The one from Magnet that did a "design" for my kitchen had draws and dishwasher opening out in front of a doorway - Can imagine someone running through the door straight in to an open draw <ouch>. Also had end panels between every unit which added up to the point where they wouldn't fit in the available space.

    Yes, use one of their designers, but go in with a clear idea of what you want. Then with the plan in hand, look at other suppliers like DIY kitchens - Their prices are likely to be less than half. Also well worth visiting a couple of local independent kitchen showrooms/retailers and see what they can do in terms of design and price.
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  • pinkteapotpinkteapot
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    True... Have some idea about what you like where. Consider suggestions, but spend time visualising and deciding if they're actually practical!
  • -taff-taff
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    have a look on the internet for a free app to design your kitchen, it should do it in 3d and you should have more of an idea about what you want where, measure your kitchen exactly and remember about standard cupboard sizes v non standard [ if you're going to Ikea for example] If you are going there, their kitchen designers will work with you on what you want too...there's no obligation to buy form anyone you go to so you could get someone to design it, then buy direct from DIY kitchens for example and get someone to install it
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    FreeBear said:
    pinkteapot said: You don't go online to Magnet/Wren and order it yourself. Go to see them and their designers will design the kitchen for you. You can get an idea of price from those 'packages'.
    Some of these so called "designers" just plonk units in with little regard to practicalities.
    A few years ago we had considered extending our kitchen and went to Magnet to get an idea of cost.  The new kitchen would have been nearly 20 feet long by 9 feet wide.  The 'designer' filled every available inch of upper wall space with cabinets despite us telling him we wanted to keep wall cabinet numbers down so the place would look more open.

  • artform_londonartform_london
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    I would rather not comment about Wren or Magnet except to echo what Pinkteapot said above about Wren and also to say if you go to Magnet, be sure to negotiate hard to get a good price. If it might help you, we market a range of Italian cabinets at very fair prices. If you upload a drawing, I'd be happy to give you an idea of price. And we also offer special width cabinets - to give you an idea, a special width base or wall unit with shelf would cost around £100 more than a standard cabinet. This is quite likely less than a good fitter would charge for cutting down cabinet and door. And with a fitter doing the job, you'll struggle to get a good finish on the edge of the reduced width door.
  • SenseicadsSenseicads
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    I’d pop up with a comment on our designer with wren. She was brilliant. Helped us out over a number of visits. No change was too much trouble. Thought up some ideas for us.  I think it’s genuinely the kick of the draw though as I have heard some horror stories too. From my experience though I’d defo go back to wren. 
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