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Changing to Meter

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samscashsamscash Forumite
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I recently moved into my property and there is no meter, so I pay a flat amount irrespective of usage.
Currently two of live in the property and we have 3 soon to be teenagers over for half the week.  We do tend to shower and run the bath about half the time.
How can I work out if I am better off with a meter?  I currently pay around £300 pa (but will need to check).
We also have a garden which is watered often in the summer as my partner is a keen gardener.
Both cars are also washed about every fortnight.


  • JoannaAnnaJoannaAnna Forumite
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    Your water company will likely have a calculator on their website to help estimate your usage and subsequent bills. Consumer Council for Water has one as well (search ccw calculator).
    Depending on how often the teenagers will be with you (and how much washing/dishwashing of theirs you'll do), you'll probably be better off on the unmetered tariff.
    You can always request a switch back to unmetered within the first year if the meter isn't cheaper for you.
  • CardewCardew Forumite
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    Charges vary a huge amount depending on where you live in UK.
    However even in the cheapest area with your usage you would have difficulty getting a metered bill under £300pa
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    macmanmacman Forumite
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    The water authority can install a meter anyway, as you are a new occupier. Not all do so at present, it depends on supplier and area.
    Since you can revert to RV billing in the first 12m, (if you have a voluntary install) you have nothing to lose by opting for a meter anyway.
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  • TalldaveTalldave Forumite
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    I've heard the rule of thumb that if the number of people in the property is less than the number of bedrooms, then a water meter will probably be more cost effective. If we halve the teenagers, you have 3.5 people, however teenagers are teenagers so let's round up to 4.  If you have 4 bedrooms, it could be touch and go because the car washing and garden watering would make me err on the side of staying unmetered until the teenagers have flown the nest!
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