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Does £12,000 H2B limit include interest?

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Does £12,000 H2B limit include interest?

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Hello MSE-ers,
I have a Halifax H2B ISA (opened way back when first on offer) and its balance is almost at £12k. The rules state that to get the max govt £3000 bonus you need to save £12,000.

My question is, does the maximum of £12k include any interest it has earned, or does it have to be only money that I have deposited (and therefore the balance will be over £12k including interest)?
Thanks so much in advance :-)


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    Clause 7.4(B) of the scheme rules actually states that:
    A Help to Buy: ISA Holder shall be entitled to a Bonus, in respect of their closed Help to Buy: ISA, of 25% of the Closing Balance of that Help to Buy: ISA,  
    and goes on to clarify:
    a maximum Bonus of £3,000 (meaning that the amount by which the Closing Balance of a Help to Buy: ISA exceeds £12,000 shall not be eligible for a Bonus)
    so it's the balance (i.e. including interest) rather than the total of deposits that's measured.
  • Thank you so much :-D
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