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How old is your current home?

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  • MorecatMorecat Forumite
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    Our bungalow was built in 1957
  • HRH_MUngoHRH_MUngo Forumite
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    cattie said:
    Mine was built mid 60's. Lots of space & storage & lovely big windows as a lot of '60's properties are.
    My son's flat is like that.  Lovely big rooms and windows, storage  AND  a garage, much more space than modern flats.  Of course he has had to do all the insulation himself  :)
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    markinmarkin Forumite
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    edited 12 February at 8:45PM
    Its ancient, built 1958.

  • xylophonexylophone Forumite
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    66 years old.
    The father of the previous owner was a builder - he bought the land and constructed the house as a wedding gift to his daughter.  
  • hunniehunnie Forumite
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    Built in 1961
  • Paddy79Paddy79 Forumite
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    1995, although I still refer to it as the "new estate at the bottom of Church Road" as the nineties was only 5 years ago, right?!  ;)
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    amandacatamandacat Forumite
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    edited 12 February at 9:44PM
    17 years old. I like that it’s warm, not damp and well insulated. I don’t like that it’s part of the era of building houses way too small although mine is much bigger than others I’ve see built at a similar time.
    I grew up in a Victoria house with two large reception rooms and big bedrooms but all I remember is the damp, drafty windows and lack of central heating. 
  • BonniepurpleBonniepurple Forumite
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    1965, give or take a year either side.  Same as my parents (1966) and in laws  (mid sixties).  Nice big rooms, loads of parking, not too crammed.  Currently only one bathroom/toilet, but we are putting another in.
    Previous houses were 1985, 1985ish, 1995, 1850s ish (last 3 were rentals so I don’t know exact ages).
  • gettingtheresometimegettingtheresometime Forumite
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    Sleazy said:
    I'm not sure, but there's some nice paintings on the stone walls that have been here ages.
    Bit draughty in the winter,  but cool in the summer ....
    And there was me thinking I owned an original!
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