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I've searched reviews on this debate Roku or Amazon Fire?
I found this comparison in another thread:
I've used the Roku and fire TV.
Both will work with wifi, as a test try streaming on your phone over wifi where your device will be.
Roku is more of a pure media streamer, focused on legitimate streaming services, with a simple uncluttered easy to use user interface.
Fire TV has what can be described as a flashy busy, if not cluttered user interface, with lots going on - a chunk of that is focused on Amazon services.

Fire TV can be made to run streaming apps from less than reputable sources ( ie some of the kodi add ons) Roku your pretty much stuck with the legit side of things.
Roku has access to a few things that Fire Tv doesn't, such as Now TV.
my personal preference at the moment is Roku

So I would like a few experiences of either from users, I have Amazon Prime, I use YouTube, My5, ITV Hub and iPlayer - What would I get with either that's free?
Can you add apps to these sticks, I think you can with a Fire stick, but not the Roku?
And finally can you connect either to a USB/RJ45 network device for a wired connection - I know Amazon sell one but it seems not to be work with later Fire devices


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    A NowTV box is a repackaged Roku device, only locked down so you can't sideload.  You used to be able to, then the software was updated and now you can't.
    The NowTV Roku device is designed to run off the mains, the later stick just plugs in but has an option for external power such as from mains or s USB port, same with the Firestick.  You probably could use a USB to LAN adaptor but they're designed for Wireless.

    Remember of course if you have a Smart TV you probably already have Prime and most of the catch-up services already on it.  Some have Now TV too but most won't.
  • I have a smart tv with Prime, Netflix, YouTube etc, but i want to give an old dumb tv a bit of smartness - I think I'll be going down the Amazon route £24 from Argos.
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    You can watch Amazon Prime and Now TV on Roku, but you can't watch Now TV on the Firestick, or Amazon Prime on Now TV, which for me was a pretty decisive reason to get the Roku.
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    Arklight said:
    You can watch Amazon Prime and Now TV on Roku, but you can't watch Now TV on the Firestick, or Amazon Prime on Now TV, which for me was a pretty decisive reason to get the Roku.

    Same here, the Roku leaves all options open
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    If you have a prime amazon account,you can watch lots of tv/movies for free.
  • In terms of "compatibility" with streaming services Roku remains the king, as it's independent and not affected by "disputes" between Vendors (like Apple didn't allow Prime video app on Apple TV for months while Amazon pulled Apple TV from the store)

    My main issues with the Roku is that it tend to be slugish (Roku streaming stick+) compared to the Fire stick. The Plex app is inferior to it's android counterpart and the Apple TV app still has a bug that doesn't show subtitles even when they are turned on, you have to turn then off and on again each time.

    So unless you are after NowTV, I would recommend the fire stick  over the Roku.
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