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Thomas Cook's range of prepaid currency cards will be closing in April, Mastercard has announced – if you've got one, check if you've any money on it to cash out before the closure...
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'Thomas Cook's prepaid cards to close in April – check if you've got any remaining balance to cash out'
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  • So glad I spotted this - my husband and I both have cards and had no idea about the change in April!  Fortunately we have a break booked in March so will be sure to spend the balance on each card the !  Any recommendations of a good alternative prepaid card?
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    Why did they not offer to transfer balances to a new card. I have €532 but they will only give me £437. Only enough to buy back €490.  I know how currency works but the letter (dated 13 Feb,arrived 6 March with a 6 April use by deadline!!!) says there will not be a cashout fee. Laughable since i am losing over €40. My card has over 2 years on the expiry date so I consider since they are changing the terms not me that I should not lose out.  Feels like I have been mugged for my holiday money.
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    I know how currency works .
    Sorry but if that were true you would be keeping your money in pounds in the bank with conversion by fee-free card at the time of transactions. Even using your regular bank card with fees would be cheaper than using such prepaid currency cards.
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