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Air Source Heat Pump/Heat Recovery Systems - Help!

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Air Source Heat Pump/Heat Recovery Systems - Help!

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Hi All,

We recently moved into a new property (just before Christmas) and have been trying to get everything sorted, it's got many systems we haven't used before; Mitsubushi Eco Dan/Underfloor Heating/Vortice prometo hr400 heat recovery exchanger unit/PV we are a bit overwhelmed. The smart meter wasn't working for the first few weeks but we've now received our first bill from British Gas for £500+ (covering one month)! For context there is two adults and a dog living here, we have had tradespeople in for about 3 weeks so expected higher than normal bills...but even so!

We have electricity only (no gas, oil or LPG) as the house has an ecodan system (Mitsubishi) - there's two, one is 14.5kw and an 8.5kw for different parts of the property which feeds underfloor heating throughout a large downstairs area and radiator heating for 4 rooms upstairs. We don't tend to leave much on standby and all the lights are LED etc.

We've been trying to figure out how we're using so much energy (the house is NOT like the Bahamas!) - the smart meter still thinks we're on target for £15+ per day (British Gas have been generally unhelpful, they've asked us to record readings every day at the same time for a week).

The house is much larger than our previous home and we expected a rise in bills, but this seems ridiculous particularly as we can't seem to pinpoint where the energy is actually going. We've got a request in with Mitsubishi to see if they will come and service the units (and thoroughly explain their use) but we are yet to hear back so any suggestions or ideas of what to look at would be greatly appreciated!
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