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Nightclub Photo Id

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  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    Unkdb wrote: »
    Do I have a leg to stand on?
    Not if you're going out getting slozzled!
  • oldernonethewiseroldernonethewiser Forumite
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    Unkdb wrote: »
    A little off topic for MSE but trying here anyway.

    I am a 50-something that occasionally gets mistaken for a senior.

    However, I have been refused entry to a late opening pub in Bognor Regis because I cannot provide photo Id.

    There is an article on the Telegraph website that advises youngsters against using their passport, and I don’t drive ( so don’t have a driving license).

    My understanding is that licensed premises can deny admission to anyone and don’t have to give a reason. But I don’t understand why a tanked up teen can get in whilst their sober grandad can’t.

    Do I have a leg to stand on?

    And there's your answer.

    Move on.
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    Contact your local newspaper, or maybe even the national press. They love this sort of idiotic stuff. It reminds me of the case a while ago where a pub had a 'no hats rule'. The (totally thick and stupid) landlord insisted that a one-year-old have his bonnet removed while he was sitting in his pushchair. I guess the average IQ of door staff is not very high.
  • jimbo6977jimbo6977 Forumite
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    Do "Prove It" cards still exist?

    Or can you get hold of a karate licence?
  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    OP so what advice did you want ?
  • JReacher1JReacher1 Forumite
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    I suspect that the pub wants do appeal to the younger market and doesn’t want an over 50 year old person in there bringing the scene down.
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    It reminds me of the case a while ago where a pub had a 'no hats rule'.

    Or the pub that insisted on no leather jackets. All well and good until one hot summer day, a gut turns up in a one piece leather. Gets told to take it off, so he does. Stands at the bar stark naked asking for a beer. :eek:
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