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  • first long journey in the electric car tomorrow where we will have to use a public charger so need to do some planning tonight so i dont get range anxiety.  Charging on E7 overnight (finally figured out how to programme it to charge at a certain time) and have worked out its costing me about 4p per mile, using 13.7p as out overnight rate.  Tomorrow it will be at 70-75p as the rate, painful but wont be the norm.  We are out all day but the neighbour is going to walk the dog so we dont have to rush

    Off for an Indian tonight but OH is paying for that, only spends today have been on Amazon for a fish tank cleaning hover siphon thing which is the last part of DD xmas present and some flowers for a crematorium visit tomorrow.  Hopefully tomorrow wont be too spendy other than the electric
    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
  • Its been a while but we are still plugging away wt the debt, we have now managed to sell my car and the money is sat in the bank.  we have signed contracts for our solar panels and batteries so waiting for the application to be completed before we pay the deposit.  We are £4k short of the total, so were going to get a new loan for this when the current one finished in June but BiL has kindly offered to lend it to us and we will pay him back £500 a cc payments will be less for a couple of months to get the final amounts together then they will ramp back up.

    We have also booked a holiday for next year but are paying it off each month and will continue to save that amount for our trips and spending money, so for the first time in about 10yrs it wont just be put on the cc and dealt with later.  Again this has pushed back our debt free date but we are finding the balance between paying off the debt, not spending on the cc's and still having a life and investing in our future.

    Hopefully the solar will be in before our current energy deal ends in November as I am expecting our payments to more than double (we only pay £165 a month gas & elec and that's with charging the EV!) so expecting an increase of around £300 a month then the whole solar and battery set up pays for itself in 3.8 yrs, and that's based on the current capped tariffs.  Maybe even less as we should start saving some money from what we currently pay?
    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
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