Re starting my journey to an eventual debt free and frugal life



  • So have been looking to change CC2 to a 0%interest as the offer when i got it finished about 6 mths ago, and have been checking Martins eligibility checker over the last few months and there was finally a worthwhile offer today. (have cancelled and reduced limits on old cards over the last 6 mths so needed a few months without changes on my credit file)  Managed to get 14mths interest free, so will save about £1800 of interest in that period which will instead pay down the debt.  So CC3 if then my target for any over payments  :)
    Payday today as well so thats always a positive, but FiL funeral home has contacted us about finishing paying off his funeral, we thought it was almost done but seems the payment from his bank acc direct to the funeral home is missing, so OH will be ringing FiL's bank today to find out where they have paid that money.  Its never ending.

    Tesco delivery tonight, splashed out so we can get bits we cant find at Lidl or the local Tesco as it is quite small, then getting loads of jobs line up for the weekend, to fill the garden wast bin before it drops to monthly collection, and get as much to the booked tip slot on Sunday as possible.  Finished week 1 of C25K yesterday as weel, so need to keep going with that, hoping to start week 2 tomorrow
    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
  • Not much to report since the last update, 0% CC has arrived and balance has transferred so only £200 ish left to pay then that will be cancelled.  I will update my signature in a bit to show this months payments.
    Visited my brother at the weekend, it was nice to see DD playing with her cousin, not sure when we will next see them as they are on high alert so may be locked down further soon.  More blood tests on Thursday so waiting for a call from the doctors, in the meantime have got swelling in my neck so a visit there today and now on antibiotics, feel like a right sick note.
    Spent Sunday de cluttering and going through the kitchen cupboards, so that is feeling straight, and DH emptied the conservatory (AKA makeshift greenhouse) of the rest of his chilli plants and deep cleaned and redecorated that.  Meal planning is done for this week, and DH starts his clinical trail tomorrow so they will be showing him how to inject his weekly dose of medication or placebo so we are trying to get back onto healthy eating.  Using my fitness pal to log what i am eating as it had gotten far too easy to keep grabbing crisps or biscuits in the day, and then in the evening.
    Working out xmas presents now so will look at the budget to see what else I have to buy, DD needs a new scooter so that will be the biggest outlay, but should just be us for xmas dinner so much cheaper than previous yrs.
    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
  • So through another week and weekend ok and avoiding the C-19.  Looking at finances between now and xmas, need to send some receipts to Great Aunts solicitor for clothes we have bought her to get the money back, and still no movement on FiL house as they are in Tier 3 so we cant meet up for the big clear out.  Very frustrating, as this all holds up getting money back for Funeral & probate.

    I am hoping to get enough survey points to get £25 of amazon vouchers so and holding off xmas present buying, (have got some small bits for people so far but this is for the family presents)  Need to finish list of what I am getting for friends kids and finalise budget, also have managed to book the dog to get spayed, so that will be £180 out of next months pay, and my car needs 1 new break (MOT advisory) and a full service, but am hoping to stretch this and do it from end of Nov pay, but will get it booked soon, and a firm price.  Once I know all of these I am going to work out and set a target for 2021 to reduce debt by

    We ordered a new light fr the kitchen which looks great and will give us much more light, but the wiring in the house is so bad we cant get it connected and working so will have the expense of an electrician to come and sort it out, hoping to find one this week as we have no lights in Kitchen (lamp in place), utility room downstairs loo and play room.  There seems to be something in the kitchen light that completes this lighting circuit that we obviously haven't got connected.  Also waiting for our friend who fitted out heating 3 yrs ago to come and service the boiler (not sure how much he will charge but shouldn't be much) he will also reconnect our water softener now we have finally cleaned it out.  We live in a very hard water area so it will be nice to not have to descale everything so often.

    Prolif - 30p with 13p pending (£87.38 in 2020)
    Swagbuck - 833/1300 for £10 voucher (£20 in 2020)
    Shoppix - 5540/6000 for £10 voucher
    i-say 430/490 for £5 voucher (£5 in 2020)
    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
  • So not been on for a little while but still keeping up with everything.  I have just updated my signatures for end of Oct pay and glad to see these still coming down.  Even with 75% of our xmas shopping done we havent used the credit cards, I have tried to use vouchers where I have been able to earn them in time, with both the shoppix and swagbucks and isay all coming through in time for our DD present.  I am waiting for some money through work as am able to claim back my flu jab that I had on Saturday and some mileage from last month.  Also awaiting a response on money from Great Aunts clothes we bought.  I would really like to be in the 30's for the start of 2021.

    I have been looking at weather it may be better to try and get a new loan at a better interest rate, the current one is at 6.7%.  I think I will wait until Jan as have cancelled and started a new CC in recent months so for my credit report may not be the best time.  Really want debts down as much as possible for Sept 2021 as this is when we will be remortgaging, but cant see us being out spending lots like we normally do in Dec so hoping that will help.  Aim for end of 2021 is to have Barc paid off in full, and £100 in emergency fund and the overdraft no bigger than it is currently, but ideally gone, then after xmas I am going to claim my tax back for working from home since March, this will also go in the emergency fund, then the first target for 2021 is the NatW CC as I am paying interest on that.

    Going to try and start C25K again after i got sidetracked, and have joined SW online to try and shift some weight, and have  friend who also joined so we are supporting each other, then maybe I can get to my DFD and buy a new set of clothes  ;), need to have dreams.
    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
  • Reflecting on 2020, we didnt do too bad money wise.  It helped not being able to go out much, and neither me or DH being furloughed etc, but we did have to pay our a chunk for FIL funeral and probate, and £300 for a little staycation in between lockdowns.  Not including the mortgage this is how we have done over the last 4 yrs, so it nice to see the numbers move significantly in the right direction.

    Starting Debt 2018 £32,200
    Starting Debt 2019 £46,678.57
    Starting Debt 2020 £51,014
    Starting debt 2021 £41,334.82
    I have checked the loan paperwork and have adjusted my DFD to Aug 2023 as this is when the last payment is due, so 31 months to go, and I want to improve on this if I can.  Planning meals has started again for the last week, so have been to the local fruit and veg shop today, and have a tesco delivery for the rest tomorrow.  Car is also booked in for a major service and a break disk on 25th Jan but have saved half of the money for this and get paid that weekend, so all budgeted for for the first time ever  :o  I would like to be in the £20's by this time in 2022 but we shall see, but it is all going to help when we come to remortgage around September  :).  Right off to update my sig for the start of the year, and keep this positive attitude going
    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
  • So not been on for a while but have been continuing to pay off debt, I have noticed this has slowed over the summer holidays , with being able to go out again and paying for things for the start of the new school year.

    Starting surveys again as will have work breaks without DD needing entertaining.  We have been away stay-cationing for a few weeks and seeing friends so lots of eating out and trips that weren't really saved for so i think the overdraft at the end of this month will reflect that  :open_mouth:.  I am planning on updating on here once a week to try and keep me on track between now and Christmas initially.  We will be remortgaging in January so need as much off the Natwest CC as possible for them, on a positive note house price rises mean out LTV is currently 74% and not the 90% last time we remortgaged so hoping for some good rates to be on offer, and obviously the debts are currently about £16 k less than last time.

    FIL house sale is at signing contracts stage, but last night a spanner was thrown in from Great Aunts solicitors relating to capital gains tax so they want to wait to sell so OH has sent a strongly worded email back saying he and his brothers need to conclude his dads estate and be allowed to move on.  Hopefully it will complete this month if they agree as we have ordered new windows and door that this will fund.  Its never straight forward is it, you would think first time buyer and no chain and offer accepted first week of April we would be done by now!! 
    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
  • So we are still waiting to hear if Great Aunts solicitor is going to let the sale go ahead, very frustrating that we have waited 3 weeks for an answer and still not got one!  We are also waiting for a copy of the Letter of Administration as Arg0s never returned the one we had, now been waiting 8 weeks for a copy when it should take 4.

    We had to bite the bullet and confirm for the new windows as we cant open some of them so becoming a fire hazard! but we are going to have to put them on the credit card when they are done and hope that the house sale goes ahead.  If not we can afford the repayments and are remortgaging in a few months so will consolidate into the mortgage at that point if we need to, so only a few months of interest hopefully.

    It was pay day on Friday so DH has sent me some money to put away for a Stag do he has this month, and then stocked up with a food shop.  Went to the vegan refill shop in the village for pasta and rice, then the green grocers (no food shortages with them), then to T3sc) for the rest and as I had only 40 miles left in the tank put in £30 as there was no queue.  Normally after pay day i would fill up but just got what i needed this time :smile:

    Trying to have a low spend week other than what we already have arranged or is free / prepaid

    Adult swim Thur morning - Included in gym membership (outdoor pool closes after this weekend so making the most of it)
    Swimming with DD Friday - included in gym membership
    Jump trampoline park Sat - Neighbour can get free tickets
    Sunday Lunch at Neighbours

    Booked but not paid for
    Afternoon tea with 10 ladies from our road
    Hotel and meal locally (was a ball but thats been cancelled) with friends we haven't seen for 5 mths
    OH Stag do (hotel paid and he has all his spends)
    Wednesday nigh bingo (pretty much pays for itself with the winnings)

    I am up to a £10 voucher through Sh0pp1x trying to get to £20 for xmas and cashed out on PA so building that back up again, and today should be a NSD 
    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
  • Good to see you are still focusing on  getting your debt down despite all the difficult circumstances. I guess that remortgage date is a great motivator
    There will always be a (beautiful stilettoed) foot in fabulous in LaPlan's life.
    I am choosing to be fabulously frugal to support some wonderful life changing and affirming financial goals including buying a London home I love.

    DON'T BUY STUFF (from Frugalwoods)
    No seriously, just don’t buy things. 99% of our success with our savings rate is attributed to the fact that we don’t buy things. You can’t really hack your way to frugal. You can and should take advantage of discounts, coupons, rewards points, and the like. But at the end of the day, the only way to truly save money is to not buy stuff.    Money doesn’t walk out of your wallet on its own accord.

    My March  streaks to track
    Track Minimalist game  items (Nov 310)   (Dec  95)  (Jan 90)   Feb 50
    Exercise streak  
    YNAB days:: Target 50 days -Age of money 29
    Track my NSD's - Target 13 days/ 0/13
  • Thanks LWAP

    So I managed a NSD on Monday, and yesterdays spend was £12 on some drinks as we had our welcome meeting at our local social club, subs to pay in a few weeks but much cheaper in the long run if we want to pop out for a drink in the future.  Picked up a prescription for DD earache and tried to get some cold medicine for DH but due to his heart medication paracetamol it is.

    Dinner is in the slow cooker (sticking to meal planning so far this week  :) and washing is drying, tonight is Bingo at the social club, i have the money saved for my tickets so it will only be a £5 spend for some drinks for 3 hrs of fun and some me time.

    We have told swimming that DD wont be going back after half term and this should pay some towards her 11+ tuition that starts in Nov  :#, she has also said she is happy to stop Guitar lessons at school after xmas.  She enjoys it but never practices so its expensive for her to just play for 15 mins a week.  Again this will go to the tuition.

    My mobile is out of contract next week so need to contact V0daph0n# and change to SIM only which will save £20-£30 a month, with all that i think the tuition is covered.

    Moved a chunk from my cc with interest to v1rg1n one for a yr interest free so the only interest will be on the cc we pay the windows on, but i know my 2 0% cards are due to end around Jan but need to get the remortgage done first so there's not to much activity on my credit record, we also may look at consolidating one of the cc's into the mortgage.  2 yrs ago we had 90% LTV and now its showing as 72% so we should have a much better interest rate which makes this option attractive.

    Well tea break over and back to work
    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
  • So the loan is under £10k now down from £27k originally  :) and had 0% transfer deals on 2 of my cards so have cleared off my Nw3st cc that i was paying interest on so will save some pennies until the windows come.  I think i will ring this week and book to see the mortgage adviser at the end of the month, going to just go to Nw3st as out mortgage and load are with them and i know what their valuation has gone up by for the house so hope i can consolidate one of the cc's into the mortgage as out interest rate should reduce massively (fingers crossed)  once that is through need to look to move the other one onto a new 0% when it runs out in the new yr. 

    Not been too spendy a weekend, dog groomer (budgeted for, takeaway as we were all under the weather on Friday) , but we are out on Friday so have the hotel to pay for, plus meal drinks and dog sitter, all budgeted apart form the drinks, then trying to start getting some xmas presents.  I have a £10 amazon voucher through sh0pp1x that i am trying to get to £20 and need to write a list of what i need to buy so i can look for deals.

    Breakfast was cooked last night (SW crustless quiche) and dinner is prepped and marinating (SW thai green curry), and have downloaded the C25K app again, poorly child has prevented me doing it this morning but hope to complete W1D1 tonight before my B12 jab at the doctors  o:)

    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
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