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  • Managed a sort of run, DD wanted to come with me so did C25K wk1d1 with her  :s and dinner wasn't MSE, we received the coronor and pathologist report ahead of the inquest of DH's dad's death in May so none of us felt much like cooking, we had budget spare so treated us to a takeaway.  Oh well tomorrow is another day, will try and make it a NSD  <3
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    I think you’re allowed to have takeaway when dealing with news like that. Be kind to yourself.

     Today *is* a new day!
    Mortgage free 16/06/2023! £132,500 cleared in 11 years, 3 months and 7 days

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  • So, I managed to sell DD's phone yesterday for £25, told her i was putting the money towards the screen she has cracked on her current phone and that i would pay the other £20, so that has been fixed today.  She got the hump a bit but i explained i didn't have to pay the other £20, and as an 8yr old she was lucky to have a phone at all so I could easily sell that instead as it was mine.  She was quiet after that.  I know she is young for a phone but when she moved school last yr and my  mum passed away we gave her mums old iphone5 so she could keep in touch with her old friends, she has only had an upgrade as I have had one so we wont ever buy a phone at the moment just the sim only deal.  No other upgrades planned for at least 2 yrs so she needs to look after this one.
    I have booked DH's car in for an interior clean as something got spilt on the seats and it needs a proper clean, luckily i picked up the deposit for DD's cancelled party so will use that to pay for it.  Is after payday anyway but I will save the money.
    We are off swimming at the Lido in our village today, paid for last week when we booked it, and happy to support a local facility.  We are so lucky where we live in our village that we have this and a cinema, but i'm not quite brave enough to go to watch a film inside yet, but they are looking to put on some open air films this summer which might be fun.
    Prolif is £7.42 cashout with £1.20 pending, its been quiet on there for a few days and when surveys have popped up they have already been full.
    Shoppix at 860/3200 for a £5 amazon voucher
    Swag 909/1300 for a £10 amazon voucher
    I am going to use the amazon vouchers towards to activities for DD over the summer then will save them going forwards for Xmas presents
    Cashout money, reward payment from bank account and £25 a month from current account I am putting into an emergency fund so we can continue not having to spend on CC's and use the overdraft.  This will take a while to build up as don't want to divert any other money away from the debts at the moment.  This is £30 at the moment so will add that to my signature, and think of what i want it to be, I think the first target will be to try and get £300 back in there.
    Looking forwards to it being Friday tomorrow as it has been a busy week work wise and emotionally.

    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
  • Didn't spend too much again at the weekend, fuel to go and visit the relatives in Blackpool and some sandwiches for tea on the way back.  i have renewed my car insurance with a cheaper deal but its over 11 payments so had to use the £30 in emergency fund to cover the difference in this months payment.  Think House insurance is in the next few months so will start looking at that.
    I have put OH's old phone up for sale but no interest as yet, may have to stick it on ebay if the selling sites done t work.  SO it is payday on Friday and we just about have enough food to last us until then so we are trying not to do another shop, I have £40 left in the current account, this is only because the £30 shop i did yesterday to last us went on the cc as i don't want to use the OD.  So if that is left there on Thursday I will pay that amount off the cc.  Then looking forwards to updating my signature again

    Prolif is £8.97 cashout with £5 pending, its been a slow week for surveys even with the pop up installed
    Shoppix at 1170/3200 for a £5 amazon voucher
    Swag 1212/1300 for a £10 amazon voucher (determined to get that today)
    iSay 375/490 for a £5 amazon voucher

    We have a wedding to go to in Feb so have just booked the hotel room, rate for the wedding day £165 (extra £40 for a child) B&B, had to pay up front, rate for the night before £400 B&B  :o Safe to say we are now booked for a flex rate at the Premier Inn 1km away for £55 for the night before o:) .  I had budgeted to pay for the hotel on the day but they wont do that so have put that on the cc and can pay it off as soon as I am paid on Friday too.  DH is a groomsman so hopefully his suit will be paid for, so will need an outfit for DD (this could be part of her xmas present  ;))
    DD has a birthday part on Sat so need to look at a present for that, now off to finish more work and think what to do for tea for the last day of school
    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
  • So we had quite a spendy weekend but this was planned for.  Friday, main car was MOT'd tis was only £27 as get half price being member of the vauxhall service club which is free.  Car passed but will need a new brake disk soon, so will get a quote from the local garage later this week, and do that next month, also major service due in Dec of £340 so need to save for this.  DH's car taken for a full valet £47 - my treat as i spilled something on the back seat a yr ago and it has now gone moldy, so now looks like new and this was in the budget, will be ringing this week to book for its new brakes (£120 + VAT in budget)
    Filled my car with Diesel, and L!dl and T3sco shop done, stocking up on meat and cleaning products so the big monthly shop, all done.  
    DD had a sleepover on sat so DH and i went out for a drink on our own for the first time in about a yr, it was lovely £61 for drinks and a takeaway on the way home.  It was just what we needed, a bit of us time, talking about plans for the house  etc.
    Sunday I took DD to the local farm park, had a free child pass so we spent £11 on my entry, animal food and an icecream each.  All in all a lovely weekend.  Need some NSD's now as we have a busy and social month with some people coming to stay and us visiting some friends, probate to pay for and DH's car brakes.  Hopefully we can stick to budget for another month and stay out of the overdraft for the 5th month.  If we continue like that until xmas and have a bit of emergency fund saved then i will contact the back to reduce it.
    Prolif at £13.78 cash-out with £2.50 pending, its been a slow week for surveys even with the pop up installed
    Shoppix at 1475/3200 for a £5 amazon voucher
    Swag 190/1300 for a £10 amazon voucher (claimed one last week, so waiting for that to come through)
    iSay 460/490 for a £5 amazon voucher

    Planning on today being a NSD wish me luck
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  • So Monday & Tuesday were a NSD, and yesterday wasn't too bad, took DD and friend for a day out, only £1 to park all day and had a picnic, so good time all round.  I have had a refund from the kids cricket scheme that was cancelled so have put that and some tilly tidy money into the emergency fund.  Cashed £15.31 out from PA, so that will be available tomorrow to add.

    Had my pension statements though, so we are continuing to work to me retiring at 60 and DH will be 69 and 2 yrs retired, sop pensions need to work and Mortgage be paid off by April 2040.  I have 3 defined contribution pensions with retirement dates of 60, 2 final and average salary pensions so know roughly what that will pay me (subject to inflation) with a retirement date of 65, and then state pension will kick in.
    There is also a possible promotion at work, but as I am on TUPE T&&C's need to confirm they will keep me on 7% matched pension contributions, as if i have to sign a new contract their standard for my age is 6%.  As this feeds into my age 60 pension i want my pot to be as big as possible, to cover my drop in income until the next ones kick in at 65.  Lots to think about.

    DH's car in garage tomorrow for Brakes, budgeted for, and will get a quote for mine, then the plan for the weekend is to get jobs done, as we are busy the next 3.

    Prolif at £4.21 cash-out with £9.46 pending, lots of good surveys today
    Shoppix at 1505/3200 for a £5 amazon voucher
    Swag 233/1300 for a £10 amazon voucher (you can tell i was out yesterday and busy today)
    iSay 485/490 for a £5 amazon voucher
    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
  • So a little while since my last post, and needed to get back on here before spending starts to slip, we had a lovely weekend at our friends this weekend, it was nice to catch up properly over a few days.  Yesterday was a spendy one as took DD out for the day and needed to buy her some new clothes and promised her a toy, spend a bit more than planned and need to review the budget til the end of the month to make sure we wont go into the overdraft.  Used the government EOTHO at starbucks and pizza express so saved money where we could.

    Quote for my brakes is about £70 and have that covered in the EF but will wait until payday in case i need that.  Also had a quote for the fencing we want doing £390, so need to save for t but unlikely it will be until Sept as the builder is pretty busy.

    So I have an interview for the promotion at work, on the 24th.  Its a long interview and i have to prepare a presentation, so that is going to keep me busy until then in my spare time, not much else going on, other than some other friends visiting over the next few weeks, but i will keep on popping on here to post and keep myself in check  :)

    Prolif at £5.56 cash-out with £3.27 pending, (£33.51 earned to date)
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    iSay 110/490 for a £5 amazon voucher (£5 to date)
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  • So after a busy few weeks, a little staycation, and the mad rush of getting DD back to school, I am ready to get into a proper routine.  It has been a long summer with no childcare, and only having 1 week off so I am happy with the peace and quiet in the house this morning.  I am also looking through my diary to book out lunch times to restart C25K this week, as I need to shift some of this bulk before Christmas.
    Workwise, still busy as ever but didnt get the job i had the interview for, I am going to make the most of no additional work to really get on top of my Contract and learn lots about the other ones (the other candidate had this experience).  So the development will still be good and other things will come along in the future.  I was disappointing last week but you cant mope about these things for too long.
    Probate has been sent off on FIL house / estate, and all 3 brothers now are on board to get this moving, they are having a weekend of it at the end of the month to start the emptying process.  We will be pleased if it is on the market by Christmas.
    Its been a spendy few weeks with the staycation, paying for probate, school music lessons and swimming lesson payments and we are having some fencing work done in a few weeks so i know we will be into the overdraft this month.  I am not going to beat myself up about it as we are owed about £1k from FIL estate to date which more than covers this so we will get it back.
    Still on with PA studies, and am getting £5-10 per week so I am happy with that, I have been using this but it is going to go in the EF now so we can build it up slowly.  Also have a £5 voucher ready to redeem from i-say but keeping that there until i want to buy xmas presents otherwise it will be spent on rubbish.  I have updated my signature for Sept and am still happy with the progress made but this will definitely slow a little towards the end of the yr as there are a few planned spends we want to get done on the house, nothing major but it will use any spare money at the moment, then after xmas will be a big push before we remortgage to get debts as low as possible.
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    So nearly payday again and we need it this month, it is frustrating that we are back in our overdraft by the tune of £800, but we had budgeted for all of the big spends like the fencing this month, it is the £1100 we are now due back from OH dads estate that has thrown us out, without that we would still be £200 ish in credit at the end of the month.  At least we understand why and that it is us being spendy.

    So lots of jobs done over the weekend, fencing done and paid for, we moved the living room round completely, only expense was a bit of polyfiller and some trunking, from moving the TV.  Feels like we have decorated / got a new room but without the cost, had a good declutter too, so I am booked to go to the tip on Sunday, i can take, bagged waste and electrical and plastic but no wood on the day I am going, very confusing.  Also OH painted DD play house and put some plastic sheeting on the roof, he just needs to reseal the windows and that is ready for winter, and most of our banisters have had 3 coats of gloss, one more coat on 2 of the handrails and then they can go back up.  Then we are moving onto reglossing the kitchen after I have painted the cabinets earlier this yr.  Planning to have no jobs outstanding by xmas.

    FIL house sale is not progressing yet, the are is it in is now in lockdown from tomorrow, so the plan of OH and his 2 brothers spending 3 days clearing it out and identifying items to sell cant go ahead, so likely end October now, probate application has been acknowledged so that is progressing.  Still hoping it can be up for sale by Xmas.  So we are working out what we should spend that money on, I know it should all go against the debt but we have jobs that need doing that would mean no loans or finance for in the future, and adding value to the house before remortgaging.  So we currently have on the list, new windows for the house, the ones we have are double glazed but there are gaps, some dont open, and a few are blown so this is a priority.  We also want to change the grass at the front to gravel so we have an in and out drive, and can park OH work van on it instead of the grass verge, and to change the old garage door that the previous owner just swapped for a patio door, to a proper wall and window.  We think we can do these and have a few thousand to chuck at the debt as well, and OH will feel his dads money has been used well.

    Main job now is to try not to buy any unnecessary food until Thur (pay day), and maximise surveys.

    Prolif at £0.35 cash-out with £0.69 pending, (£69.12 earned to date)
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    iSay 250/490 for a £5 amazon voucher (£5 to date)
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  • Managed not to spend anything so far today   :D had a call from the doctors to repeat some bloods i have done twice, B12 and iron are low, may explain why I am exhausted at the moment, i just put it down to lockdown etc, but dragged myself out to complete Week 1 Run 2 of C25K so knackered now but feeling good that I have done it.  OH's great aunts covid test from the home have come back negative so looks like it was just a bad water infection she had last week and antibiotics have kicked in, one less thing to worry about for now, and OH's consultant has rung to say they are looking to rebook to start him on the clinical trial for the heart drug in the next few weeks, so am pleased he will be under consultant care again for a few years, if they can kick it off before any major second wave impacts it again.
    Loan £19,728 £1,541 Virg £14,273.81 £8,228 @0% Barc £10,056 £0 NatW £3,682.73 £2,917 MBNA £9,624 £8,654 @0% Overdraft £3,500 £2,000Starting Jan 20 Total Debt £51,239 Mar 23 £23,341 DFD Jan 25 22mths to go Mortgage £248,011.94 £239,659 - MFD Nov 2047 Nov 2046 - LTV 66%EF £0/£300My diary{/URL}
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