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Hi all. I asked for a water meter but was Told I couldn't have one because I have two toilets on different feeds. The guy who came out to the house then asked how many people live at the address. I told him just two of us. He then told me he would put a note into the office for me. He then said might get some money off. One month later I received a letter from the water company telling me I could have a discount. Anyway 48% is is some discount. So if there's only two in a same as mine 3 bed semi or anything else I would check with the water company.


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    Welcome to the forum.

    The reason you have a lower charges is not because you have two people living in the property; it is because they cannot fit a meter.

    Anyone who cannot have a meter fitted must be offered an 'assessed charge'. The assessed charge can be either the number of people living in the property, or the number of bedrooms - different water companies have different rules.

    Look at your company's tariff charges on-line and you will see the various assessed charges.
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    Ok as you say either.
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    Kevo56 wrote: »
    Ok as you say either.

    Not understood. What do you mean by 'either'?
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    Kevo56 as cardew says

    assessed charges are when a meter cant be fitted but will be based on what they think 2 people would use on a meter if a meter was fitted
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    Hi Kev, as you say 48% is some discount. However please bear in mind this is taken off the Water Charges based on the Council Tax band your Property is in. If a higher band, you could pay more than for a metered supply. Seems strange if the Toilets are on separate feeds, that this would inhibit fitting an (internal ) Meter. Or does this mean there are two incoming mains to your Property?
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