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* Step into Christmas * & 2020 - It's the 2020 Christmas Chatter Thread

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* Step into Christmas * & 2020 - It's the 2020 Christmas Chatter Thread

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Hello and welcome to the 9th Christmas Chatter Thread.

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone and we are almost at the big event that we have spent so long planning and preparing for! But this thread is about so much more than Christmas but about the whole year with all the ups and downs, as well as the bits in between.

NOTE - For all new people please don't lurk, but come and join in with all the chatter. We are all a little mad (about Christmas!), but not dangerous.

The following posts will be made up of all the links saved from last year with new ones added as we go.
This will hopefully make it easier in October/November when we are all looking for them.

Please let me know if any become out of date or if you would like your birthday added to the list

Thanks to all posters on the previous threads – the thread is only a success because of your contributions! :A

So on that note it is over to you and roll on to a new decade and Christmas 2020!


Our Birthdays


Newthrift 18th
Clumsy42 28th
Abbafan1972 28th

murie 24th
junior_j 25th

vulpix 12th

quidsy 23rd
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pixtotts 4th
Opee92 13th
Girl in a Yellow Dress 21st

Nic2075 1st
04624181 13th
dropsofjupiter 22nd
msgigglewick 23rd

mrs-moneypenny 17th
Hanley25 19th

Treasurequeen 12th
patentgirl 30th

Spendless 28th
whitesatin 28th

freespirit66 1st

Peppapig 1st
mrsinvisable 7th
pinknfluffy28 28th

FeistyFidget 14th
3forholidays 15th
CHRISSYG 25th !!!!!!!! :xmastree:

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