Phase 3

I’m starting a shiny new diary for a shiny new year. I’m now in phase 3, both in financial and life terms - a fresh new start, which I’m really excited about.

Phase 1 started 16 years ago, we started a frugal lifestyle to get rid of overdrafts and loan debts and to save for a family and maternity leave.

Phase 2 started 10 years ago, after relocating, changing jobs and 2 children later, we started overpaying to get rid of the mortgage. we lived frugally, but budgeted for lots of great, cheap holidays and family days out. We also undertook major building work, which used our savings up.

Despite working hard at keeping the family unit together, we separated 3 years ago. The past 3 years have been working to rebuild the dynamics, with lots of challenges being faced regarding daughters health.

So now, phase 3 starts, I’ve drawn up spreadsheets for my 2020 budget and have a number of goals;

1. Finalise divorce £950/£1500 saved
2. 0/40lbs lost
3. Big summer holiday 0/£1600 saved
4. 9k/70k mortgage.
5. Transfer mortgage into my name.

My horoscope is promising a calm, happy year ahead, so I shall drink to that. Wishing us all a happy, healthy, and peaceful 2020 :beer:


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    Hello :)

    I like the idea of phases in life! Good luck with phase 3.
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  • Thanks lippy, it’s exciting to have a blank canvas for the future.

    A lovely day today, dog walk, swimming with the kids followed by a big family get together and meal out. I’ve spent £100 in the boots sale for future gifts, cards and wrapping.

    Chased up divorce paperwork. Seems like it’s lost in the system, started the process in May, £1k in fees and no further forward. Frustrated as I’m out of my fix and paying an extra £50 monthly interest on the mortgage, as I can’t remortgage into my name until the finance order has been agreed.
    However, the last couple of years have taught me to be patient, it’s not worth getting stressed about in the grand scheme of things.

    Looking forward to a lovely couple of days of family get togethers, followed by a short break to the seaside before school starts. Then, full frugal mode starts for January.....
  • Octobergirl
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    Played with my spreadsheets and worked out this Christmas has cost £750...ouch. Looked back over past years, present spending for family, friends, Carers, colleagues and teachers has stayed the same at the £450 mark. I’m pretty good at buying in sales.

    £150 spent on a tree, decorations, family meal, activities and food. It’s bumped up this year by a trip away, which in hindsight I didn’t need to do as the kids have been much more chilled and happy to relax this year, i won’t be doing it again next year.

    To compensate, I’ve gone through my direct debits and cancelled all the unnecessary ones. £55pm saved, I’ve really taken my eye off the ball over the past couple of years, whilst focusing on other battles.

    Been catching up on diaries to get back into the spirit of things. Lots of members I used to follow are now in the mortgage free thread, a big ( slightly envious) congratulations to all those that have made it.:T:T
  • twinklie
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    Found you! I’m a long way of mortgage free so don’t worry about it. We can trudge on together.

    Looking forward to following your journey. :D
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    Best of luck for the next phase of your life.
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    Happy shiny new diary :)
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  • Happy New Year everyone:beer:

    Thanks beanie Lou, it’s a little scary to catch up on old familiar diaries, I can’t believe how the time has flown. Had I stayed with ex, we would be mortgage free in 10 months, although he would be under the patio and I would be in prison:rotfl:

    I’m a little disgruntled at waking with a stinking headache this morning, especially as I was on soft drinks/ driving last night - not very fair:(

    I have got 7.10 years to pay off £70k, which is a non- negotiable time frame. I’m currently on track to achieve £30k IF nothing throws my current budget out. I’m not in a position to earn more currently, so need to look at ways to spend less. I figure I need to find another £225 pm:think:

    Groceries are always my weak spot. I need to go back to taking weekly housekeeping out in cash and stick to budget. The next week we will be eating from the freezer whilst I take stock of my meal planning, which isn’t working very well.
  • twinklie
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    I’m currently 18 years away from being mortgage free, but we shall see. I’m hoping to be done in 10 - 11 years but I think that’s probably quite ambitious given we want to do an extension and various other bits and bobs to the house. We shall see anyway.
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  • It’s trying to get the balance right isn’t it Twinklie, saving and still having a life. We’ve done an extension and had lots of (frugal) holidays, which has delayed the pay off, but created lots of good memories whilst the children were younger. 18 years sounds a long time but I started on here a good 10 years ago and it’s gone in a flash.
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    Having been inspired by tattycathy, I’m going to start decluttering the house and make some pennies from eBay. My goal before July is To:

    1. Special needs bike
    2. special needs trike
    [STRIKE]3. Bread maker[/STRIKE] - gave to friend
    4. Climbing frame
    5. Dd waterproof jacket

    Dismantle green house and give/sell/ tip
    declutter loft.
    Decorate hall
    Decorate kitchen
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