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Thames Water Change of account number

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Thames Water Change of account number

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datdaddatdad Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Water Bills
HI there, this is odd for me at least. I got a 'Your Instalment payments are not up to date' letter from Thames Water for November. I checked my bank account and as I thought the regular monthly standing order is going out & had done so monthly for this year as in previous years going back decades with no issue.
I then checked that I was still paying into the right account & reference number, that was correct too.. Then I looked more carefully at their notice / letter and saw that they had a differerent account number for me than had been sent in the Annual bill, it seems that there had been an account number change recently but without notice to me!
Now I'm taking time to write to them, get a phone call and an email from them, they request I prove that the payment were made by for example submitting my bank statement while all the time they hold the money somewhere!
Has anyone else met such a topsy turvy situation and have you got any advice for them to pull their digit out?
best wishes.


  • Uxb1Uxb1 Forumite
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    Re the account number change...yes got an email from them saying I needed to re-register as they were changing account numbers
    See thread below:
    In my case the email was received on 14th October
    It was entitled "Re-register your online account now"
    The sender was [email protected] with the name "Thames Water"
    It quoted my new account number.

    If you were paying via standing order rather than direct debit, as with all standing orders it is up to the sender to ensure the details are right.

    The payments will be in some suspense account somewhere at TW unallocated.
    You just need to get them to find it.....
  • stephenaholtonstephenaholton Forumite
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    Total chaos at Thames Water - first  I had a letter telling me I had moved (I hadn't), but with a different customer number; I tried calling - 30 mins on hold, I tried leaving an e-mail message - 3 weeks no response except an automated acknowledgement. Then yesterday a call to say I owed them for nearly two years unpaid bills - it seems the direct debit stopped working in 2018 but they kept sending "for information only" bills. I tried setting up a new DD with the new customer number, but their system did not recognise it; only the old number!
    A complete shambles. I have e-mailed their MD of Customer Service - Kelly Macfarlane to see if I can get a response from her.
  • HonestJohnHonestJohn Forumite
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    They are useless. When I changed to the new account they did not send me a bill notification. Funnily though they  managed to send a reminder. When I tried to pay with my online bank, they were not aware of the new 12 digit account numbers so I could not set up a payment. All fixed now though. 
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