BA flight change

Anyone know ?
Flight changed in April 2020 by BA causing extra night in destination and overnight in LHR pre flight due change of timings on booking .
BA say tuff given more than 14 days notice so no claim for accommodations pre or extra night ??
Is this right .


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    Pretty much.

    Take it or accept a refund, you may be offered a more suitable flight within a few days either side of your booking (I've used this with Wizz several times when they've moved a booking by a lot less than this, but mainly to get on the lunchtime flight instead of a late one, same days if there's no other choice) but as far as I'm aware, you have no additional rights unless within 14 days.
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    Welcome. This should be on BA thread, not your own personal thread.
    CKhalv is partially correct.

    Is there an alternative flight on the same day with another airline? If so BA are obliged to put you on that, or reimburse you the difference if you have to pay for the alternative flight.
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