Cat Litter Suddenly Getting Really Expensive

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I couldn't help but to notice that at the same time, both Tescos and Sainsburys seem to no longer have their cheap store brand Cat Littler. It was about £1.70 and now the only stuff left on their websites to buy at bags of Cat litter that cost £3 to £6 or more a bag. If you have an Indoor cat like me, that can be really expensive!

I noticed that ASDA still at least has their clumping cat litter for about £1.70 but everything else is exoensuve too. I don't really like the clumping litter because I worry about my cat licking her paws after she uses the cat littler and it cliumping inside her stomach and what the build-up of that might dio toi harm her after awhile.

I found that at Waitrose they have a cheaper litter available but unfortunately they don't deliver to my area and I have to do all my shopping Online.

First of all, why would both Sainsbury's and Tescos get rid of their cheaper Basics and Everyday Value Cat Littler at the same time? That seems a little odd to me. I just checked again and now I also noticed that now ASDAs cheap clumping Cat Litter is at least temporarily unavailable.

Secondly, does anyone know where I can get cheaper Litter? I mean, it is just disposable sand after all, and shouldn't cost so much anyway, in my opinion.

If you use one bag a week that would add to around £6.80 a month with the cheap litter but with the £4 a bag stuff that would add to about £16 a month, which is a big difference if you are on a low Budget.

I worry now that this will cause People who have health problems and who are on Benefits to feel that they have to keep their cats outdoors and the poor little animals are going to be suffering out in the cold, wind, and rain because of it.


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