What TV do I need?

Hi All,

I’m hoping someone more knowledgeable than me can help me decide on what kind of TV set up I need so I don’t waste money on something unsuitable.

I’ve never had an actual TV, preferring to watch content on my iPad in bed. However the time has now come for our family to invest in a larger screen that we can all enjoy together.

I don’t need to watch traditional scheduled programming. I would rather use iPlayer, Netflix etc. to watch on demand. I would also like to be able to watch YouTube on the TV.

I wonder if I need Apple TV? If so, what kind of screen do I need? Or is there an alternative I should consider? I’ve looked at retailer websites and am very confused by all the options and terminology. I also wonder if it’s worth getting ‘the latest’ for longevity, or whether I would be better with an older model that may meet my needs perfectly well.

Any advice or suggestions gratefully received!


  • mobileron
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    Smart tv,good ones Sony,LG,Samsung.Newcomer in the market HIsence,
    leave the Supermarket brands alone,Sharp ,Toshiba, Panasonic etc,

    Just ensure u use Richersounds or Jlewis for the 5 year Warranty free.
    Connect the tv to your internet and away u go.
  • giraffe69
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    +1 for Richer Sounds. On my TV when there was a fault JL sought to pass the buck although eventually it was settled.
  • Thank you, that’s really helpful and reassuring. I will try and get to Richer Sounds soon!
  • Cornucopia
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    Thank you, that’s really helpful and reassuring. I will try and get to Richer Sounds soon!

    Another recommendation for RS. Also, if you want time and help to choose, they are generally very helpful, and will gladly steer you around the shop showing you different models.

    Did you mean "Apple TV" the hardware, or "Apple TV+" the pay TV service?
  • Thank you, I meant Apple TV the hardware.
  • Cornucopia
    Cornucopia Posts: 16,134
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    Okay - in which case, no, you wouldn't need that with a modern Smart TV.

    The only (minor) issue will be in a few years time if some of the apps on the TV fall out of support. Then, you might need a separate set-top box, but there are lots of options cheaper than Apple TV.
  • Bigphil1474
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    OP, alternative to a smart TV is a non-smart TV with a smart box - depends on price. That way, if the apps become un-updatable, you just replace the box rather than the TV (or you could use a plug in device). Humax type boxes are good - I still use my Youview box. They also allow you to record TV, which has benefits from catch up as you can skip adverts on the commercial channels.
    I have an LG TV which is a few years old now, but all the apps still work. Some people have said that apps stop working after a while on some other brands. Also consider connectivity. Mine is wifi enabled, but I have it connected to the router via a cable - seems to work better.
    I would suggest getting a 4k TV is worthwhile for the future. Not a lot of content at the moment, but may move that way - if there's little in price, then worth doing it.
    Also a +1 for Richer Sounds as they usually know what they are talking about. Even if you don't buy from them. My current TV was bought from Hughes Direct as there was a voucher on one of the cashback sites.
  • getmore4less
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    Work out what quality size and viewing angles you want.

    Read up on UHD, HDR, WCG.

    If you are streaming you will have access to UHD HDR content it would be a waste not to try to get the best from that.

    55" is the sweet spot for size/value/quality.

    Some decent deals about on those and bigger.

    For family viewing be careful with viewing angles.

    Budget will guide where you end up.

    Once you have the key quality features sorted then you can look at the finer details to narrow down the brands.
  • hareng
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    Just a Smart TV of repute like LG, Panasonic. Samsung, Phillips.

    Hisense cheapies owns and or makes TV for 12 companies including your 'Supermarket' Toshiba and Sharp!
  • mobileron
    mobileron Posts: 1,218
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    I thought it was Vestel in Turkey making Sharp now,Hisence are a very large Chinese company,didnt they sponcer.The World cup.
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