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Does anyone know how I claim back from united utilities?.
I have been getting Bill's for £197 for 4 months water and £220 - £230 for 6 months. I live in a 1 bed flat on my own. I thought it was my water usage but someone told me that's way to much for a single person in this type of property. So I decided to find out my usage, because my property is a housing association property and it's a flat (meter is on ground floor in a cupboard) I had to get my housing officer to take readings for me. I had them take a reading at 2pm ( I was in work so no one was there to use water) and another reading at 5.30pm and the reading had gone up .063 on the red counter, that's 63 litres told United utilities and they said get my housing association to search for a leak but can I claim the overpayments I've been paying for water I haven't used?.


  • Ask them if they have a leak allowance or something similar.

    As for the increased reading - have you checked for any dripping taps, leaking toilet cistern, etc?

    How does the housing officer know which meter serves your flat - does the meter serial number match that on the bill?

    Is yours the only one supplied by that particular meter - is it only on your supply or feeding other premises as well?
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Water companies are not responsible for leaks after the water meter. The responsibility is either yours or the housing association.

    As said above you need to check you(and the water company) are using the correct meter for your flat.

    The most common form of leak in a property is when a cistern overflows and the water goes(silently) into the toilet bowl.

    However 63 litres in 3.5 hours is a large leak - if that was the cause. and it shouldn't be difficult to trace.

    If that rate of leak was constant and using United Utilities prices, it would cost £500 a year extra - on top of your standing charges and normal consumption.
  • Checked for leaking taps cistern nothing is showing up in the flat. The meter has the flat number on it.
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    Have you checked the serial number on the meter is the same one that is on the bill?

    Someone sticking a label on the meter does not mean it's the actual one supplying your flat - there's loads of reports on the forum of meters being wrongly labelled where flats are concerned.

    Also, by the size of what you are being billed the meter could be registering the consumption of the entire block, not just your flat.
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