Any advice on keeping rented house warm/costs under control welcome!

I’m renting a 2 bed house in mid-Scotland, my dog and I are the sole occupants and I work from home. I think the house was built in the 70’s. I’m having real problems heating the house and keeping it warm and am starting to panic at the thought of the colder weather to come!
There is a 9Kw electric boiler and a big electric immersion heater, there are radiators (regular, not storage) in every room. The house is double glazed. I have a prepayment electricity meter, with bulb, which was in when I moved in, which is Economy 7. Only the water uses Economy 7. I have an electric shower and don’t have baths.
My kitchen has an average temperature of 10 degrees C. I have shut off my lounge because it’s a waste to be using it and it has a huge radiator, which I’ve switched to frost watch setting. I have the central heating set to come on for 3 hours a day, but as soon as it goes off the temperature in the house plummets back to around 10C.
I have hung lined curtains, thermal blinds and wear layers, etc, but would appreciate Kate any advice that you can give me because I’m at a loss now and am not sure I’m going to manage the winter here if it gets any colder (it was -4 yesterday).
Many thanks in advance for your help.


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