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Tips on baby clothes buying, seeing the whole picture

This may sound super simple, I’ve learnt it over time through mistake making. So when SK was little we used to get many visitors of family who gave money, I bring a first time parent went out and bought more outfits, basics and toys most of which were primark (nothing against them though for baby stuff I find not as great quality supermarkets are better, they come up small again good if have small baby, for inbetween sizes if you have no where closer to go, like I just got a 12-18 month pack of long sleeved vests and they fit her at 7 months, she’s tall.

Anyway back to my point, so I did save some money aside in these visitor times but I could have more! What we have now is a box by our room and every time clothes of any kind don’t fit, they go in the box, then they go in another box or vacuum bag in the attic. Baby’s grow rapidly and we’ve filled the closer box around 3-5 times already.

Basically when I’m out shopping I remember the box, that the aim is to buy needs first and mostly otherwise I will have lots of pretty outfits worn a handful of times that now sit in a box. The aim is to have a full box over months not weeks. It takes discipline and I’m not super rigid but I know that my better money habits will help over all.

Hope it helps!

Also before I go shopping I wash stuff, then when it’s in the draws I evaluate what needs replacing to a bigger size and make a list. Rather than buy out of uncertainty and sleep deprivation.


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