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can anybody reccommend biodegradable strong bags for cat litter. I can only find poo bags and dont know if they will be strong enough. i am in a first floor flat and have to goo downstairs to get to a bin shed. I put soiled litter in a large bag in a pedal bin and dispose of it evey 3 days.
sick of bags bursting on me.


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    How much litter are you going through?

    We use clumping litter so only change the whole tray every few months. We scoop the waste daily and use nappy sacks to dispose of that (but they're not biodegradable).

    If you're using clay litter and changing it a few times a week then your best way to reduce your environmental impact is to switch to clumping litter. You could probably then find a biodegradable bag to scoop it into. You'll struggle to find a bag biodegradable and strong enough for the weight of a full tray's worth of litter.
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    I line my cats litter tray with newspaper, scoop the poop and flush it, full change is when the bin is going out.

    I use wood based litter as it's lightweight.
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  • aloise
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    i only change the full litter treay once a month, i use tigarino because she sometimes goes outside the tray with others i have tried. {althouh i havent tried them all.)
    I have a pedal bin and scoop the wee and poo up and put it in a bag in there then take it down to the bins evey 3 days. it is a heavy litter which is why i am looking for strong bags. aso trying to do my bit for theenviroment.
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    We are in a city centre flat. Our dumpster bins are out, down, round the block too! I cannot imagine the weight of a month of kitty tinkles, you must be fit! :j

    Crystal and clay litters are not eco-friendly, consider switching to a lighter weight, biodegradable (eg. recycled paper, wood crumb, corn, straw). Your disposal bags pale into insignificance. Sorry. :o

    I use Wilko dustbin bags - recycled plastic from British farms - for cat litter, for mixed recycling, for regular refuse.

    Every thinner and smaller bag split some of the time. Down the shared stairwell, in the street, broken glass at the taxi rank, :eek: stunk out the block lift .... You know the drill.

    I do not think I ever tried Wilko swingbin liners (same recycled plastic) .... maybe I will, inspired by you. :T

    I totally did not help whatsoever. :undecided
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  • I double bag - empty the cat litter into a swing bin-sized liner, and then put it into the main black bag with other black bin stuff.
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    i am trying to avoid non biodegradeable bags. :(
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    Try 'Cat's Best'. It may seem expensive, but it lasts for ages - and the bonus is that the lumps (both poo and 'set' wee) can be flushed down the loo. That will leave you with just one bag of (fairly lightweight) litter to dispose of about once a month.

    ADD. Some garden waste bags are biodegradable/compostable - worth having a look at?
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    I use Sainsburys green coloured kitchen caddy compost bags, clear it out every other day. I have two cats, and the bags don't burst with an every other day clear out. I only scoop out dirty stuff, though, not the whole tray.

    I do use clay litter, though - didn't realise it wasn't eco friendly as per another post on here, so I'll have to look into that.
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    I also thought of the home composting bags:

    They do come in different sizes.

    I'd recommend having the bag sitting in a plastic tub then just tipping the bag into the bin.
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    You shouldn't flush cat poo down the toilet. I was doing this for a while with my foster kittens and then read this!
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