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Dear MSE Forumites!

I’m Marcus and I’m the Editor-in-Chief at

I have some really important news to share with you and I hope you will all be as excited as we are here at MSE Towers.

MSE Forums began almost 17 years ago and has become one of the UK’s biggest communities. It’s a lively, active place to share everything from MoneySaving tips to the best slow-cooker recipes. We’re incredibly proud of what you, the Forumites, have built, and see it as an invaluable part of our wider mission to help consumers.

For our regulars though, you will have noticed over the past few years that the bit we do – the technology that supports our Forum - has been creaking at best, and completely broken at worst. We’ve reached the stage where our present platform is simply unsustainable – when it breaks, we’re not able to fix it.

We want your Forum to live for at least another 17 years.

So, we’ve made the big decision to significantly invest in a new platform which all of you will be moved across to. We aim to keep the best of the existing Forum, but tackle the frustrating bits that you tell us you don’t like.

To be clear, some things will change. But staying as we are is not an option, and the alternative would be closing the MSE Forums – which we have no intention of doing.

After many months of planning, research and an awful lot of meetings, we’ve found a new provider and work has started on the behind-the-scenes technology.

Your new platform will – hopefully – go live in early 2020. But in the meantime, we need your help! We’re looking for a top team of Forumites to help us with the finishing touches, especially the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of our new Forum. If you’re interested in becoming a member (there may be a Badge!) of the Fab-Forumite Feature Testing Group, please let us know by registering your interest here

We realise some of you may feel apprehensive about all this. But closing the Forum simply wasn’t an option to Martin, myself or the rest of MSE. That means, despite the challenges, we’re hoping you will embrace the new Forum.

As always, we welcome your constructive feedback and keep your eyes peeled for regular updates from me and the Forum Team over the coming weeks.

Marcus Herbert


  • staffie1
    staffie1 Posts: 1,964 Forumite
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    Looking forward to the improvements!
    If you will the end, you must will the means.
  • I've been using the forums for 2 or 3 months and haven't noticed any issues, which is nice. It is a tad outdated though, so looking forward to seeing what the new platform has to offer :-)
  • J_B
    J_B Posts: 6,430 Forumite
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    Ain't broke - don't fix?

  • kpwll
    kpwll Posts: 4,273 Forumite
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    I hope for us old timers we can still enjoy the 'old view/format', if we wish.
  • flashg67
    flashg67 Posts: 3,994 Forumite
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    J_B wrote: »
    Ain't broke - don't fix?


    Or as I'm sure our IT department's mantra goes - 'if it ain't broke, fix it until it is'
  • cloud_dog
    cloud_dog Posts: 6,041 Forumite
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    Please don't make the same mistake Interactive Investor made with their old functional, useful discussion forum turning it in to an amalgamated mess.
    Personal Responsibility - Sad but True :D

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  • StumpyPumpy
    StumpyPumpy Posts: 1,458 Forumite
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    I have a [STRIKE]couple of[/STRIKE] few questions:
    • What is the forum software you are switching to?
    • Has it been field/load tested for 1.9 million users?
    • What is the policy regarding the secure transfer of 1.9m passwords and other user data such as birthday and contact and ignore lists?
    • Are the 3.5m threads and 45m posts currently on vBulletin going to be migrated to the new system?
    • Are there going to be any increases in system minimum specs for users eg browser, o/s, etc? (Many MSE'rs use older systems, because they work and this is a money saving site, after all)
    Oh, and welcome to the forums newbie Marcus :rotfl:

    Come on people, it's not difficult: lose means to be unable to find, loose means not being fixed in place. So if you have a hole in your pocket you might lose your loose change.
  • Quick question - will we still access the competition forums via the same links?

  • Ooh! Does this mean there will be the function to jump to the first unread posts in a thread? :D
  • ceredigion
    ceredigion Posts: 3,709 Forumite
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