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    I do think tesco should aim for its older customers who dont have smart phones.
    As its a month by month contract I may pay for months where I have time to shop in store ( and am able to drive)

    They are not going to do this because they have no need to. Many have shopped there for years & aren't going to change so why bother offering money off. I don't even get money off coupons any more but I assume that is because I include shopping for others in my bill, so I am spending that much anyway so why bother.

    I too would like to know what the exclusions are. Obviously the lottery & petrol will be excluded, but what else?
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    The products excluded from the Two Big Shops Discount are as follows:

    Fuel and motoring-related productsLotteryGift vouchers and gift cardsSavings stamps and postage stampsTobacco products and accessoriesInfant baby formula milkPrescription medicinesNewspapers and magazinesGeneral merchandise, including:
    ElectricalsMobile phones, top-ups and accessoriesSports, bikes and campingCar accessories and DIYLuggage and bagsMedia and entertainmentHomewareKitchenwareGardening Equipment and BBQStationery, cards and wrapping paperParty accessoriesToys and nurserySeasonal non-foodIn-store third-party concession productsBureau de changeCarrier bag chargesIn-store caf! or coffee shopAlcoholic drinks subject to 25% discount off 6 bottles, or to the extent the discount would reduce the product value below the Minimum Unit Price (full details below)Products which are subject to the separate Always On Discount
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    In-store shopping only?
    What's up, Tesco, too many of using the online service now?
    I agree.
    Why are Tesco penalising those that are forced to shop online through age or disability ?
    I think Martin should start one of his campaigns !!
  • NOT FAIR!!! This penalises people who don't have cars. They may be very faithful, regular customers, but can only buy little and often - as much as they can carry at one time. For them a 'big shop' may be £20, but they may shop every every second or third day.

    A scheme for middle income earners only!
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    I can't make up my mind about whether this will be worth it or not. At £4.99 a month a probably wouldn't have hesitated but there is something about £7.99 which makes it feel a lot more expensive

    Might be worth testing out in the run-up to Christmas when you are spending extra anyway.
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    Clubcard plus was what they called their financial debit account card launched in 1996 with 2pts per £ spend.
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    I spend between £100 and £120 a week at Tesco but I have to shop online as I dont drive.

    Gutted this is instore only, as others have said, its not really fair.
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    2BlUeCaR4U wrote: »
    I agree.
    Why are Tesco penalising those that are forced to shop online through age or disability ?
    I think Martin should start one of his campaigns !!

    Tesco is doing what Tesco always does - looking after its shareholders, but to be fair that's what any company does. They're not charities, and they exist to make profits.

    Home deliveries are far less profitable than instore shopping, so you can sort of understand the logic, but add to that the fact that they don't need to compete with Aldi and Lidl on price for anyone who can't shop instore. They've effectively got you by the short and curlies if you're in that situation, and Tesco will always exploit anything or anyone they get the chance to exploit.

    We save around 25-30% on Tesco prices by shopping almost next door at Aldi or Lidl for much the same items from much the same British suppliers (one minor example - 300g own brand Tesco ginger nuts are 44% more expensive than the Aldi or Lidl version) but that's only possible with a car. It also means doing a shop within 20 minutes or so, rather than the hour or more it takes to get round Tesco.

    This scheme, as is always the case, will help Tesco far more than it will help customers - that's always a firm rule with Tesco, but they are very good at disguising it. Just like the Clubcard scheme, which offers trivial savings for considerably higher prices.
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    This scheme is not for me - I prefer to shop around.

    (And my council has recently put round-robin traffic lights on the road to my Tesco's, which means it takes longer to get there now vs. going to another shop.)
  • My problem with Lidl and Aldi is that they are good for the basic stuff, but I usually end up missing around a third of the items on my shopping list and having to go to a second supermarket anyway. Sainsbury's is the nearest to my local Lidl but expensive, so overall I end up spending more than simply going to Tesco and getting everything in one go.
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