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  • It looks discriminatory to me...
    - against older folk and those with learning difficulties who can't use smartphone apps
    - against those who struggle with their finances or have only a small fridge so have to buy from Tesco "little and often"
    - against people who are too ill to cancel their direct debit when they become unable to get to their store
    Have I left anyone out?

    I would be quids in. So am very attracted. But I wonder whether a boycott and protest might be the best way forward.

    Any suggestions?
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    Just sign up and try it, I have. Try it if it doesn't suit you can cancel, it's a monthly rolling payment.
    Incidentally it became active today, I'm off to try it tomorrow.
    Lidl and Aldi don't excite me one bit, tried them out, Asda are a bit hit and miss for stocking up the basics but I always buy my beer from there, Sainsbury's always a little more expensive so are Morrisons on some items. On the whole Tesco gives me the value for money items I want, coupled with their mobile sim only and their bank account (points using their debit card) I've got loads of vouchers to spend on my days out or meals out, win win.
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    If the only supermarket in your area is Tesco and spend quite a lot of money there, then its worth doing.

    I won't bother as hardly spend anything there, unless I get money off coupons in the post. I don't understand how if I am not spending money there, how come my money off coupons went from £40 to £80?
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    When I first saw the concept of Amazon Prime and then minimum spends and subscription services for deliveries, I did think that we would see the eventual transition to supermarkets adopting a "as a service" business model. Clubcard Plus is just another step toward that model.

    Wouldn't surprise me if the long term (decades) plan is to mothball supermarkets into local delivery hubs (reducing staff costs) paid for through a subscription fee and mandatory minimum spend levels. Plus, small, low staff numbered (or even automated) but much more expensive convenience stores for small shops (with discounts for subscribers) in the same vein as Tesco Express or Sainsburys Local in towns and cities.
  • Ok seems this post is already a slagging off of Tesco and all its evils. If you don't shop there and don't agree with them why be so negative and post?

    However, I signed up today as I do 2 shops a month over £40 and have a Tesco mobile account. I believe that the 10% is very misleading. I have not gone through the small print to see where I went wrong but it seems they round down the discount. I can't see what I bought that wouldn't have got me the 10%. My bill came to £58 and change. My discount was only £5.00.

    I did buy an F&F top which was £6 but that would still have got me a 60p saving. If they are rounding down to the nearest £10 then this is false advertising as you are not getting a 10% discount.

    I will look closer to see where that extra 80p went but if this is the case, I may well be cancelling it.
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    I’m not interested as I’ve boycott Tesco’s.

    I got a “Finest” steak pie that was anything but about a month ago.
    It was awful, the pastry like cardboard and the meat wasn’t nice either.
    I direct messaged them, I expected a refund or points to the value - they offered me nothing and thanked me for my feedback.

    They’ve lost me....
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    Doesn't work for me, I do most of my shopping online. I don't think online shopping makes massive profits, though. If I were to subscribe, I would have to switch to instore shopping to make it worth it, and I suspect that Tesco would still make more money from me shopping instore with impulse buys even after 10% off (capped at max £40 discount).

    I'm not sure that it's worth me spending the amount of time it would take to make sure that I got my money back.
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    I was just about to sign up for this card when I noticed it could only work in store. Such a shame I do the bulk of my purchases online and certainly all my big shops...
    I understand why they would do this from a commercial point of view but it doesn't work for me.

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    I already pay £6.99 a month for unlimited deliveries. I don't want to change to shopping instore. I Think this stops me impulse buying. I am happy with the quality of food I get. On the few occasions I have not been happy with something I have been refunded with no quibbles. Also when comparing shop prices, you need to look at the vouchers you get. My tesco shops are a major factor in getting free flights for 2 each year- to Europe or long haul.
    I do think tesco should aim for its older customers who dont have smart phones.
    As its a month by month contract I may pay for months where I have time to shop in store ( and am able to drive)
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    So if you are disabled as I am and have your groceries delivered (which obviously carries a delivery charge so not a perk) you cannot use the scheme. Nice to be discriminated against yet again!
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