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Is £3,700 plus VAT a reasonable price to replace a shower tray?

I need to replace my shower tray which is stone resin and has developed a crack. The inside of the shower cubicle is tiled and I can purchase the same tiles to re-patch as necessary. The shower door and door frame can be removed by my son and he can re-fit this after the tray replacement. I posted my job requirements and the first quote came in at £3,700 plus VAT and it includes the exact same tray as before. The tray is £142. The second quote came in at £3,706 and the third at £4,440 all including the same tray. What we find a bit odd is that each quote includes replacing the shower door as they state that it will be damaged on removal and would be replaced with the same door. This door is still available at £330. Can you please advise if you think these quotes are excessive because we thought (or rather hoped) that the work, tray and materials would be under £700 without a new door and us supplying the patch in tiles. Just to check, the first company we can find on the internet and is a local bathroom company. But the other two people who quoted, one is a plumbing company and the other an individual, both explained that they did bathrooms and repair works. We are unable to find the second company or the individual on the internet or yellow pages etc etc and my daughter also searched face book and could not find them. We were able to contact them on their mobile numbers. Their quotes also include a four yard skip at £180 – can you also advise if this is a reasonable cost or should I arrange a skip myself. Thank you in advance for any help and advice.


  • Not excessive I think they are bloody ridiculous, I've just replaced a shower tray for a customer for less than £500
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    Sounds like you are being quoted for a full refurbishment - That would explain the inclusion of a skip and the outlandish figures.

    Rather than posting the job online and expecting fair quotes, you should be inviting tradespersons round and explaining the job in detail. You are more likely to get a decent quote one the fitter has a good understanding of what you want.
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  • FreeBear thank you - all three have visited my property and have therefore seen and have had the work explained to them.
  • Just for further info, the 1st company removed part of the cracked tray to look underneath and luckily, the crack was not bad enough to let water through to the underneath so no water damage under the tray. 2nd and 3rd who visited confirmed the same thing. Each have quoted for more or less the same:
    Remove existing doors and frame – these will be damaged upon removal, remove tray, replace existing base frame building new including new solid top, supply and fit new tray, waste and doors, patch and tile as necessary, grout and re-silicone. Remove rubbish / supply 4 yard skip. None of them include how many days work this work will take.
  • Depends where you are maybe?

    Not to mention where you are getting the quotes!

    I got my entire "bathroom" done for not a lot more than that a few years back.

    Remove bath, sink, shower, remove old tiles off wall, which removed the plasterboards (because fitted by idiots). Also a few floorboards to repalfe because it leaked (no tankingm, again idiots, but it was not that bad considering!). Tile floor and walls. Fit shower tray and massive cubile. Also fit sink and toilet (with new downpipe). Bits and fitting were just aover 2K each.

    Sop yes I think it is ridiculous. Though maybe its in a palce that means a lot of conseqential work needs to be done. Often a complete teardown and replace is cheaper for fiddly work?

    So there are three things to think about.
  • sebby1976 wrote: »
    can you also advise if this is a reasonable cost or should I arrange a skip myself. Thank you in advance for any help and advice.

    To add to this bit I missed. No skip here, but they also took away the entire old bathroom. And also cleaned so I did notknow they had been there at the end of every day.

    Took about a week.
  • Sounds excessive to me.
    I wouldn't be surprised if all three estimates are from the same person or at least a group of friends.

    Skip prices seem to vary massively around the country, In west Wales they cost me a lot more than that.
  • Thank you all I am in the MK45 area. A friend of mine posted/pinned my card requesting the work in the local plumbing supply shop. They contacted me and we arranged the visits to quote. None of them mentioned or stated any other works are required and nothing else needs to be replaced. No water damage, no replacing floor boards and the walls are all solid, a straight forward replacement. This is why I allowed the 1st chap to remove part of the tray so that it could be fully looked at. CARROT007 - just to confirm, you had all that work done for just over £2000? CEREDIGION - we will check the quotes paper work again to see if there are other details that are all the same on each quote...
  • sorry - "They contacted me and we arranged the visits" "they" is the company/people who visited the plumbing shop and saw my advertisement requesting the work and who responded to it.
  • sebby1976 wrote: »
    CARROT007 - just to confirm, you had all that work done for just over £2000?

    No, about 4.4K (split almost evenly between parts and labour).

    But you see where I am coming from. Up here is LS though I would expect it cheaper. And I could have easily paid doubl;e for the same by going to a large known or unknown dodgy.

    Maybe look for a nice independant near you rather than expect a shop to send out the best (some will, some just pass it on and those who are available the quickest are going to be the worst and probably most expensive!).
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