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October 2019 Grocery Challenge

edited 18 September 2019 at 8:15AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    im in please x

    might be bold enough to set a budget but will finish sept and have a think...good luck
    onwards and upwards
  • PipneyJanePipneyJane Forumite
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    Count me “in” please. £120 for the month, starting 1st October. That’s for 2 adults and covers all groceries excluding meat.

    Thanks, Elsiepac for doing the Admin for the Grocery Challenge.

    - Pip
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  • MadamMim2013MadamMim2013 Forumite
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    I’m back.. been AWOL for a couple months.. life, potential relationship (didn't get off the ground) and more life got in the way! :rotfl:

    So, please add me in for £280for the month.. Starting on the 1st Oct :A
    Thanks :)
    "There's a little witch in all of us"🥰
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  • JingsMyBucketJingsMyBucket Forumite
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    Thanks elsiepac for running the thread. Could you please add me in for $400 ? That’ll just be for me but I'll be buying items to establish my kitchen again along with items like toilet paper, laundry soap, etc.
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  • Narola1976Narola1976 Forumite
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    Hello, may I join please? We buy lots of things we could do without and I really want to reduce our spending. I would like to aim for £90 per week for 3 of us, 2 adults and one teen. this excludes pet food as I buy only once every other month from an online retailer but will include cleaning products, loo roll etc. I have started meal planning following an inventory as I shop weekly.
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  • quintwinsquintwins Forumite
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    October works out as a 5 week month for me so I'm gonna up my budget to £200 please.
    OCT GC £196.12/£200
  • Hi could you include me please? I'm new to posting but a long term lurker. Id like to go for £50 per week please (although ultimately want to reduce this to £35-40) and that's for DH and I, 2 children (one a teenager who eats like a horse) and a dog.
  • Doom_and_GloomDoom_and_Gloom Forumite
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    Thank you Elsiepac for running this thread.

    We are still in September as we go by calender month.

    2 adults, the OH and I, and the budget is to cover all food (apart from date night) and non alcoholic drinks. October goes 1st to 31st.

    Budget £215.
    I am a vegan woman. My OH is a lovely omni guy :D
  • LIzzieMLIzzieM Forumite
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    Thank you for the October thread. Ill health caused my budget to go a little mad in September, so can you put me down for £40 please for October? This is just for me.

    Many thanks,
    Attempting £40 grocery only for the month of October.
    Let's see....
  • Me too please :)
    Still doing September so I don't know how that will finish yet, but I think I need to up the budget slightly so please can I be put down for £280 for the month starting 1 October. :)
    Thank you for doing this thread it is really, really helpful :)
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